There are very few things in the world of interior design which are as striking as black wooden flooring. Whether you're redecorating an inner-city apartment or modern country home, black floors are the masters of contemporary design.

One of the best ways to use very dark flooring is to contrast it against light-coloured furniture and walls. Having black flooring with dark walls can be quite oppressive, and make a room seem smaller, but having the stark contrast between different parts of your room gives it a modern vibrancy and draws attention to any other colours used.

Alternatively, bring out the magic of a black floor by interspersing it with bursts of bright, vibrant colours. Bright green and yellow, in particular, are greatly enhanced by a heavy use of dark colours. A black floor with brightly coloured furniture is a fun, expressive and contemporary look.

For a dramatic effect, lay black flooring in rooms or areas of your home which are next to medium or light brown floors. It creates a stunning contrast, helping distinguish between living areas, as seen in the room on the right.

What's really interesting about black flooring is that it doesn't always have to make a statement, it can also be used to create intimate and calming settings. If you've got a room that feels big, bright and cold, a black floor can help create the effect of a cosier room. Introduce some light browns to the décor for a sophisticated combination that'll make you feel instantly at home.

There is no denying that a black vinyl floor can be used as the backbone for a stunning design, but that doesn't mean it's right for every home. If you've got a room with poor lighting, black flooring is going to make that space seem even darker. Unless it's a specific look you're going for, we'd recommend avoiding it, and instead opt for a white floor. Equally, if you own multiple pets, particularly ones with light fur, you might find that the hairs are more visible on a darker floor, in which case you should opt for a medium colour.

All our flooring types are available in black or very dark shades of brown or grey, meaning you can have a black floor in any room of your choice. If you fancy bringing something truly unique into your interior design, check out our range of black solid wood, engineered, laminate and Vinyl Tile floors.

Black Flooring