Sample Service

Try before you buy! Free samples, delivered straight to your door.

Our Sample Service

At we understand it is hard to make a decision on purchasing a new floor just from an image on our website. To help our customers we offer a fast, efficient flooring sample service to assist you in your buying process. Most of our flooring samples are free of charge, but if you order one that we have to charge for, we refund up to 4 samples when you place an order.

  1. Order samples

    Order samples of the floors you like. There is a button on every product page.

    Most are FREE!

  2. Pick and pack

    Your order goes straight to the samples team, who pick and pack your selection in protective branded boxes ready to be posted.

  3. Posted same day

    Samples are posted the same day if ordered online by 3pm, and all sent by Royal Mail.

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