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Laminate Flooring Accessories

If you're going down the DIY route and laying your own laminate floor, it's best to stock up on everything you'll need beforehand. No one likes getting caught short after all. Below you'll find our full range of laminate flooring accessories, from underlay to fitting kits, giving you everything you need for the perfect floor.

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  • Quickstep Laminate Incizo Doorbar

    Quickstep Laminate Incizo Doorbar


    £24.99 per length ex VAT


    £29.99 per length

  • Natura Foam Underlay

    Natura Foam Underlay


    £1.66 /m2 ex VAT


    £1.99 /m2

  • Quickstep Scotia

    Quickstep Scotia


    £6.66 per length ex VAT


    £7.99 per length

  • Silver Acoustic Underlay

    Silver Acoustic Underlay


    £3.33 /m2 ex VAT


    £3.99 /m2

  • Quickstep Basic Plus Underlay

    Quickstep Basic Plus Underlay


    £3.33 /m2 ex VAT


    £3.99 /m2

  • Sonic Gold Acoustic Underlay

    Sonic Gold Acoustic Underlay


    £4.99 /m2 ex VAT


    £5.99 /m2

  • White Scotia

    White Scotia


    £4.99 per length ex VAT


    £5.99 per length

  • Quickstep Thermolevel Underlay

    Quickstep Thermolevel Underlay


    £7.49 /m2 ex VAT


    £8.99 /m2

  • Quickstep Standard Foam Underlay

    Quickstep Standard Foam Underlay


    £2.49 /m2 ex VAT


    £2.99 /m2

  • Quickstep Installation Kit

    Quickstep Installation Kit


    £12.91 each ex VAT


    £15.49 each

  • Bronze Underlay

    Bronze Underlay


    £2.91 /m2 ex VAT


    £3.49 /m2

  • Quick-Step Hydrokit

    Quick-Step Hydrokit


    £13.33 each ex VAT


    £16.00 each

Laminate Flooring Accessories

If you're going down the DIY route and laying your own laminate floor, it's best to stock up on everything you'll need beforehand. No one likes getting caught short after all. Below you'll find our full range of laminate flooring accessories, from underlay to fitting kits, giving you everything you need for the perfect floor. So what are the essential laminate flooring accessories needed? We've got them all here!

What are the Essential Accessories Needed for a Laminate Floor?

There are various accessories needed in order to properly install and maintain your laminate floor. When it comes time for installation, the tools you'll need include:

  • Underlay: This is essential for laying under all types of laminate. It creates a barrier between the subfloor and flooring, which insulates sound. The thickness varies depending on the model chosen, and you can select an underlay that can fulfil particular requirements - such as compatibility with underfloor heating and added insulation. This is an accessory for laminate flooring you can't do without.
  • Skirting & Scotia: These allow you to cover the edges of your laminate flooring and create a beautiful finished look. If you are installing laminate flooring but don't want to replace your skirting boards, you can use a scotia to conceal the area expansion gap instead.
  • Trims & Profiles: These will allow you to cover the intersections between different floors. They are used as a transition in order to conceal gaps, create separations and polish the overall look of your floors.
  • Adhesive: You'll need to use adhesive to install trims, scotia and skirting boards.
  • Quickstep tools: You'll need several tools to install your Quickstep laminate flooring. Luckily, we have created a Quickstep Installation Kit, which will provide you with a pulling bar, a knocking block, and spacers. This will ensure you achieve the perfect finish!

When it comes to aftercare, you'll need the correct laminate flooring accessories to properly clean and maintain your floor. You will need:

  • A microfiber cloth mop: These are perfect for cleaning your laminate floors, as they won't soak your laminate flooring, leave any streaks or lint behind.
  • Cleaning products specifically made for laminate flooring: You should always use a product specifically meant for laminate flooring. This will ensure that your floors remain protected and clean, as well as prolong their life!
How to Choose the Right Accessories for Laminate Flooring

Consider the type of flooring you've chosen

To install your laminate floor, you will need additional tools such as a pulling bar and knocking block. We sell a range of fitting kits to help fit your new floor.

What underlay should you choose?

When it comes to underlay, you should consider the insulation properties of your laminate floor and whether extra is needed. If you have an underfloor heating system, then you should choose a specific model that can be used with your flooring and heating system.

What about skirting boards?

If you're looking to replace the existing skirting boards in order to go with laminate flooring, consider the look of the skirting boards and whether they will suit your flooring.

Do I really need trims and profiles?

Trims and profiles are particularly useful when transitioning between different surfaces in order to prevent tripping. Therefore, if you have kids or pets, they are a must-have product. Also, consider the look you want to achieve as they will provide a more finished look.

What about cleaning accessories for laminate flooring?

When it comes to the aftercare of any laminate floor, you should always use a microfiber cloth and cleaning products that are specifically designed for laminate flooring. This is because laminate floors are sealed with a protective layer, which you need to keep intact.

So now you know what essential accessories are needed for your laminate flooring! Any more questions? Visit our laminate guide.


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