An Introduction To Flooring

There are so many floors out there, and we understand that choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. That’s why, to help guide you through the process, we’ve created the easiest, clearest introduction to flooring on the internet!

The Room Compatibility Chart

First, let’s start with the room you’re covering. In practice, most floors can go in most rooms, but some need to be looked after more than others. To explain this, we’ve created the grid below. Simply pick your room(s) and see which floors are best for you!

Solid Engineered Laminate Vinyl Carpet
Living Spaces
Underfloor Heating



Good to Go!

Not Recommended.

Mop up spills quickly, or use our Quickstep Impressive Range which offers a fully waterproof laminate floor.

Lacquered floors offer more protection than oiled floors, but all spills should be dried as quickly as possible.

Only Coir and Sisal should be used on stairs, whereas Jute and Seagrass should be avoided.

Get To Know Our Floors

Here we explain the differences between the materials we use to make our floors.

Solid Wood

Solid wood floors are cut from a single, beautiful piece of timber. This makes for a pure, simple and authentic wooden floor. Because of their sensitivity to moisture and heat, they aren't suitable for every room but, given their ability to be sanded many times, they can last for generations.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood floors are made of layers. The top layer is a veneer of solid wood which gives you that authentic look and feel. The other layers are designed to resist changes in moisture and heat, which means you can lay these floors in nearly any room.

Laminate Floors

Laminate floors look just like real wood or stone, but the image you see is actually a photo. This means that they can come in a wide range of visually stunning designs which can be shaped as planks or tiles. These floors are highly resistant to splashes and scratches which makes them fantastically versatile.


Parquet is made from small blocks of solid or engineered wood which can be arranged in beautiful patterns. Parquet is the choice for country homes, grand entrances and any room where you want to make a statement. It’s the choice of the design-conscious.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Our vinyl floors come in the form of thick, luxury tiles. They are super tough and totally waterproof, meaning they can be laid in any room in the house. Like laminate, the top layer is a photo, giving you a huge choice over the look and style of your floor.

Natural Carpet

All of our carpets are made from completely natural, renewable materials, making them incredibly environmentally friendly. Natural carpets are softer than our solid floors and much tougher than synthetic fibres. They have a uniquely rustic look, and look fantastic in a range of homes.


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