Luxury Vinyl Tiles Vs Sheet Vinyl

It's a common misconception that vinyl flooring only comes in large sheets. Sure, back in the 80s sheet vinyl was hugely popular as a hardwearing and affordable option for your home. But technology has moved on and we've made some drastic improvements to vinyl flooring, the finest of which is known as LVT.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring offers a tough, high quality floor. But what sets it apart from old fashion sheet vinyl?

LVT comes in either tiles or boards (depending on whether you're after a stone effect or wood effect), which gives you a lot more control over installation and appearance. The floor is laid tile by tile, which allows you to fit it perfectly to your room. You have a lot of freedom over the direction you lay the tiles, and you can even mix up two types of tiles for a customised floor. If you want, there's the option for further customisation with the design strips - these are very thin strips of vinyl that look like grouting, which can be used to add definition to the tiles.

If a tile becomes damaged, it's much easier to simply remove and replace it - replacing a big sheet of vinyl, meanwhile, can get very expensive and messy!

And as with all of our products, quality reigns supreme. Each tile has been created with detailed designs and intricate textures which simply aren't possible to recreate in the larger sheets, offering an incredibly realistic appearance. The tiles are more rigid than sheet vinyl and can have a much thicker wear layer, so the whole structure is more resistant to dents and scratches.

So when you look at the differences between them, you can see why we don't bother with sheet vinyl, and go straight for the good stuff instead!