Engineered Wood Floor Maintenance

All our wooden floors are built to last. However, if you want to get the most out of your new floor and keep it spick and span for decades to come, you will need to give it some TLC. In this useful guide, we will explain the best practice to maintain engineered wood flooring. We will talk you through the dos and don'ts to keep your floor in the best condition including providing maintenance tips, effective aftercare products and the tools you will need if you are planning on installing engineered wood flooring yourself.


When Cleaning, Do:

  • Sweep or vacuum your floor regularly
  • Once a week, wipe your floor with a specifically designed cleaner
  • Wipe along the grain of the boards

To Protect Your Floor, Do:

  • Put doormats and rugs by doors
  • Wear soft soled shoes
  • Put felt on legs of furniture
  • Lift furniture to move it - even with soft pads, grit can scratch
  • Keep pets' nails trimmed


When Cleaning, Don't:

  • Use a steam cleaner
  • Use a wet mop
  • Use bleach-based products
  • Use abrasive materials such as scouring pads
  • Use soap-based products
  • Use furniture polish

To Protect Your Floor, Don't:

  • Wear high heels
  • Leave puddles to soak in

Engineered wood floor maintenance tips

  • Maintain humidity levels: When humidity gets too low (below 40%), engineered wood can dry out, causing it to shrink and when it gets too high (above 60%) engineered wood can expand.
  • Use doormats: Doormats are useful for picking up moisture as well as grit which can lead to scratching the floor. A must have for any home.
  • When vacuuming and sweeping, pay extra attention to beveled edges as these are prone to collecting dust.
  • Soap-based products leave an unwanted film which can dull the surface of your floor over time. Instead, use a proper floor cleaner.
  • Sweeping with the grain will leave less dirt on textured boards.
  • Clean spillages straight away: If your floors come into contact will spillages, make sure to clean them up to avoid any damage.

Engineered Flooring Aftercare

It is critical to clean your floors with the proper materials; otherwise, they may suffer the consequences. However, because an engineered wood floor is a hard surface, it is easier to maintain and absorbs less dust than a carpet.

Nothing beats the look of a newly laid floor, and we think it's important to give your new engineered flooring all the TLC it needs. So, naturally, we've found the most effective aftercare products in the industry, balancing effectiveness with affordability.

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Engineered Flooring Tools

If you're installing your engineered floor yourself you will need the right gear. We supply a whole range of installation kits as well as underlay and adhesive which let you reach your full DIY potential. See our real wood flooring tools.

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