Environmentally friendly flooring

Flooringsupplies are fully compliant with the UK Timber Regulation (formally the EUTR - European Union Timber Regulation). The UKTR mirrors the EUTR, albeit now independent due to the UK's exit from the EU, and aims to reduce illegal logging. They enforce this by ensuring that no illegal timber or timber products can be sold in the UK.

This is vital for all flooring manufacturers and suppliers to consider our environmental responsibilities and to do our utmost to ensure we all commit to adhering to the values that the UKTR (EUTR) works so hard to protect.

With more and more pressure being put on the world's natural resources, we should all play our part to help where we can. Illegal logging has severe environmental, economic and social impacts. We're helping to safeguard the environment for future generations by ensuring that the timber used comes from a well-managed source. With wood flooring becoming an ever more popular option, it is increasingly important for people to choose green flooring products.

Flooringsupplies works very closely with all partners to act appropriately with regards to environmental awareness. Our simple code of practice is designed to work in harmony with Mother Nature, complementing natural products, and materials always with an appreciation of the environment. Flooringsupplies philosophy and mindset are determined to promote and educate manufacturers and consumers alike on environmental issues.

Believe it or not, there are huge benefits of choosing environmentally friendly flooring. Far less energy is consumed in timber production, processing and disposal, than in any other construction material. Today, because the popularity of real wood flooring has grown, so too has the commitment to vigorous replanting schedules and responsible harvesting. More trees are grown than are currently harvested so inadvertently increased demand has had a positive effect and impacted on our environment and natural timber flooring resources.

To fall in line with the above, Flooringsupplies work to a strict code of practice when sourcing materials, which all manufacturers we work with must abide by before we would consider offering their products and services.

All manufacturers we work with comply with various certified third party environmental agencies.

We all have a responsibility to look after our environment. Every little helps!