What to do with leftover samples & flooring?

If you've ever purchased flooring, you're probably aware that you will almost always have leftovers, offcuts or samples lying around somewhere. Maybe you even have the leftover pallet from delivery.

Not sure what to do with these leftovers? Fear not here's our tips on ways to reuse or upcycle your leftover flooring, samples and packaging. Do keep in mind, most flooring is recyclable, so if you're not upcycling it, ensure you dispose of leftover flooring responsibly.


Sample Coaster

Simple but effective!

Most of our samples come in a small square shape, which can easily double up as a coaster! This is probably the easiest of them all, as you don't have to add anything else.

You could use offcuts of your floor if you want to match your floor exactly and simply trim them to size.


Coat Rack

If you have a leftover plank of flooring or large offcut, simply screw in some hooks or hangers, and then secure it to the wall. This is a great way to tidy up your hallway by matching your new and cost effective coat rack to your new flooring.


Pallet garden seating area

As summer approaches why not give your garden a boost with some handmade garden furniture. All your need is a drill, screws and a paint of your choice. Simply, secure two pallets on top of each other, and one to the back to create a seat. If you have more pallets, you can extend this to an outdoor sofa or even a corner sofa. Feel free to paint, and add cushions, and really transform your garden into a relaxing space, without spending a lot of extra money.


Drawer Liners

Leftover vinyl flooring is durable and long-lasting, so it's a perfect option to line your cupboards or drawers with if you have some leftover.

It's an extra little touch, especially in a kitchen or bathroom, and the impact resistance means when you're in a rush and you throw something in your drawer, it's not going to damage as easy.


Matching shelves

A leftover plank of solid of engineered wood can easily become a matching shelf! Just cut off the grooves, paint the edges if you like, and secure to the wall!

If you want to get really creative, you can try different shaped shelves, but this project is super easy.


So, there's our top upcycling projects for your leftover flooring. Have you given one a go? Have any more ideas? Use #FlooringSupplies on Instagram so we can see them.