Working With Retail ADR

We've joined forces with Retail ADR, an independent, not-for-profit, impartial organisation which resolves disputes between retailers and consumers.

Put simply, Retail ADR is there to oversee any complaints made by customers against a company. They cover a wide range of industries and are authorised by the Government as well as the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

The Service is free and easy to use, and full information on the process can be found on their website. Retail ADR is completely independent and impartial; their job is not to take sides, but to inform both parties of their legal rights and responsibilities so that the situation can be cleared up quickly and easily.

We think this move demonstrates our ongoing commitment to unbeatable customer services. It's important to us that our customers receive the highest standards of service within a fair and ethical framework, and Retail ADR is here to make sure we stick to our promises.