An Introduction To Flooring Types

There are so many floors out there, and we understand that choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. That's why, to help guide you through the process, we've created the easiest, clearest introduction to flooring on the internet!

The Room Compatibility Chart

First, let's start with the room you're covering. In practice, most floors can go in most rooms, but some need to be looked after more than others. To explain this, we've created the grid below. Simply pick your room(s) and see which floors are best for you!

  Solid Engineered Laminate Vinyl

Living Spaces






Underfloor Heating


Good to go!

Not recommended.

Not recommended, with the exception of Junckers floors.

Lacquered floors offer more protection than oiled floors, but all spills should be dried as quickly as possible.

Mop up spills quickly, or use one of our range of Quickstep waterproof laminates which offer a fully waterproof laminate floor.

The Ironbark range is suitable for use with water based under-floor heating. We do not recommend using with an electric under-floor heating system.