Parquet Flooring Patterns and Finishes

Parquet Flooring Patterns

Parquet flooring, either engineered or solid wood, is the most creative wooden floor as you can choose all types of patterns and styles to lay. Because there are so many parquet flooring patterns available, such as Chevron, Brick Style and more, it can be hard to choose which one is best for you and your room. This is why we've put together this guide on the parquet styles to make it easier for you.


Herringbone Parquet

Herringbone style is the most popular type of parquet pattern. By setting planks in rectangles fitted at a 90-degree angle it creates a broken triangular effect. This gives a staggered look and creates a classic and traditional statement to a room. You can also lay single Herringbone or choose double Herringbone styles which just increase the number of wood planks used and creates a more abstract look. For more information on how these two flooring options are different, check out our guide on the difference between solid and engineered wood flooring


Chevron Parquet Flooring

Another popular style of parquet is chevron. This parquet flooring pattern is similar to herringbone, but the planks are cut at an angle and laid in a triangular style but at a 45-degree angle in a zigzag pattern, which creates a V-shape style. This type of parquet creates a sophisticated and clean look and is a good choice for larger rooms where the more formal effect is wanted.


Dutch Parquet Flooring

Dutch parquet flooring patterns use rectangles and square-cut planks and can be laid in various ways including wood strip, brick bond and stack bond. This parquet style is closely visualised as a brick wall. And each gives more of a traditional look to a room.

Wood Strip Parquet

A popular parquet floor pattern where rectangular planks are laid in a straight line, either parallel or diagonally. This parquet style is more on the simpler side and is a great way to balance busier rooms.

Brick Style Parquet

Another popular use of the Dutch parquet style is brick style, also known as brick bond parquet patterns. In this type of design the rectangular planks are all the same size, and each block is set in the same manner as wall bricks look. This design is a good way to contrast rooms that are longer than they are wide.

Stack Bond Parquet

This parquet flooring style is similar to brick bond, but instead of overlapping rectangles, the rectangles are all laid in straight lines. This creates a simple strong look to modern interiors and is more formal.

The above are all styles that you can find here at Flooring Supplies, but if you're interested in buying and experimenting with shapes, sizes and getting a professional or laying your floor yourself in a design, here are some other great parquet flooring patterns:


Mosaic Parquet Patterns

Mosaic parquet style, like the geometric style, is more of an abstract look and is created by using uniform-sized rectangle planks to form a square. Then the squares are combined at 90-degree angles from each other to form a mosaic-like look. This style of parquet is best suited in informal rooms and can be aligned at an angle to give a diamond effect.


Checkerboard Parquet

Often confused with mosaic style, checkerboard parquet flooring style is a pattern created by solid square blocks of wood instead of joined strips forming a square. And the blocks of wood are alternating dark and light colours, mimicking a checkerboard. This parquet style is a good choice for creating a uniform and formal effect and can even be done in the mosaic style just by dyeing the wood used to make different coloured squares. This parquet style can also be laid diagonally to create more of a diamond look.


Basketweave Parquet

Getting its name from the classic weave of a wicker basket, this parquet floor pattern is created by arranging planks into an interlocking pattern. Traditionally basketweave parquet styles are laid using wood of a uniform colour and mixing shades of darker colours to create a striking effect. You can also create double or square basketweave parquet styles for a more abstract theme and is a great statement piece in any room.


Versailles Parquet Pattern

A more traditional parquet style, the Versailles pattern takes its name from the origin of Parquet de Versailles that was laid in the palace in 1684. Compromising a square border with rectangular planks arranged diagonally in a crisscross pattern. This beautiful pattern gives a sophisticated luxury look to any room and consists of previously cut geometric blocks arranged in a tile-like effect way.


Chantilly Parquet Pattern

Another popular classic parquet style is the Chantilly. Coming from French origin, this parquet pattern is similar to the Versailles. But features a square border comprised of rectangular planks that show a plus sign pattern. This type adds depth and a sense of movement to a room.


With parquet flooring the possibilities of patterns are endless and you can go with a simpler design or a more abstract style. You can also experiment with colours, finishings, and more. For more information on those check out our full Parquet Flooring Guide. Or for how to style your parquet floor check out our blog on Parquet Flooring Inspiration.


Parquet Flooring Finishes

Matt Lacquer Parquet

Having a matt finish gives an elegant, natural, less glossy coating to your floor. Matt Lacquer looks more like an oil or wax finish, but is more resistant to scratches. This is the most popular way to finish your floor. Lacquer finishes slow the colour-changing effects from sunlight much more than oiled floors.

Natural Oil Parquet

This is the most traditional treatment for flooring and gives a natural, classic look for your floor. Oil needs to be reapplied more often than a lacquer, but luckily this is very easy to do. Generally speaking, oiled floors offer less protection against sunlight and your floor will change its colour much quicker than lacquered floors.

Unfinished Parquet

Some of our floors are supplied unprotected, natural and ready for any finish you can think of applying.