What are flooring trims?

Here we've collected information on all of our flooring trims and profiles into a single, comprehensive guide, meaning you can find all the information you need on just one page!

What are Threshold Trims?

Threshold trims are T-shaped pieces of wood which are used to hide the gap between 2 sections of flooring. Threshold trims are perfect for moving between different areas in open-plan homes or for larger rooms where you might need to leave an expansion gap.

What are Ramp Trims?

Ramp trims are great for bridging the gap between two areas of flooring which change slightly in height. This is especially useful if you're laying a new floor on top of an existing floor. Without a ramp trim you'll end up with an ugly step - and nasty trip hazard!

What are Carpet Reducer Trims?

A carpet tile reducer is somewhere between a threshold trim and a ramp trim. It's used for joining two areas of flooring which sit at different heights - a good example of this is the height difference between a carpet and a wood floor.

What are Edge Trims?

Edge trims are used where your floor meets features in your home like fire hearths or patio doors. They can also be used to create sunken doormats which sit level with the rest of your floor.

What is Stair Nosing?

These are a must for every staircase. Stair Nosing is designed to create a safe cover for the edges of your stairs, for a smooth transition between the sides and top of each step. Without stair nosing, your staircase will look scruffy and the edges of the floor will soon get damaged.

What is Scotia?

There may be occasions when you want to order a new floor but don't want to replace the skirting boards. If this is the case then you'll need a scotia. What is a scotia? It's a small length of wood which elegantly hides the expansion gaps at the edge of your flooring without being as noticeable as a skirting board.

What are Pipe Covers?

Pipe covers are great for hiding the little expansion gap you'll find around your pipes. The two halves shouldn't be stuck directly to the floor; instead, they should be glued together around the pipe. The cover will hide the expansion gap and help your pipes blend in with your floor.

What is a Laminate Incizo profile?

The 5-in-1 Incizo Profile is a uniquely clever contraption which can be used in several ways. Designed to work with laminate floors by Quickstep and Pergo, the Incizo profile bridges the gaps between floors of the same height and different heights, as well as functioning as an Edge Trim and stair nosing.