Parquet Flooring Guide

Parquet flooring is a popular and traditional flooring that can make a statement in your home. It's made from small, loose blocks of either solid or engineered wood that are laid in intricate patterns. Parquet is steeped in heritage and history, and can be found anywhere from quaint country homes to grand public buildings.

Parquet has all the advantages of solid or engineered wood, but it's designed to make a statement and has lots of benefits and suits a wide range of rooms. If you are looking to buy parquet flooring, our guide here can help you choose the right one.

Benefits Of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is so popular due to its aesthetic appearance and how sophisticated it can make any room look, there is also a wide range of styles and patterns to choose from. But parquet also has other benefits including:

  • Easy to clean: Parquet flooring is super easy to clean and maintain. Routine sweeping, and dry mopping is all that's needed to keep your floor pristine.
  • Durable: Like solid and engineered wood flooring, parquet is very durable. Since it's made of hardwood, it's very strong and offers a long lifespan, plus, it shows little wear and tear over many years.
  • Versatile: With different patterns, colours, and finishes you can create any look to complement your home with solid or engineered wood parquet.
  • Afforable: A parquet floor does traditionally carry a higher price tag than other flooring types due to the wood materials and the time it takes to create intricate patterns. However, this flooring type lasts a long time so it's cheaper in the long run. You can also choose parquet-effect laminate flooring or parquet LVT which gives the look of solid wood and is more affordable.

Types of Parquet Flooring

With parquet flooring there are different styles and patterns that you can choose which all create their own unique look to a room.

Chevron flooring uses triangles in a zigzag pattern laid at a 45-degree angle which creates a true point in a V-shape. This type of parquet creates a sophisticated and clean look.

Herringbone Flooring also uses triangles but fitted at a 90-degree angle which creates a more staggered look than chevron and is great for adding a unique statement to a minimal room. This is the most popular style and gives a classic look.

Another popular and traditional type of parquet is Oak flooring which offers a geometric pattern and offer timeless character to any room.

Dutch parquet flooring uses rectangles instead of triangular shapes and is closer visualised to the shape and look of a brick wall. Brick-style parquet flooring gives more of a traditional look to the room.

Other styles of parquet flooring include Basket Weave, Single, Double, Square Herringbone, and Brick Pattern Half Bond. For more information check out our parquet styles guide.

The style and patterns are all down to the parquet flooring thickness and width. Our engineered parquet flooring is longer than its width which allows for extra designs, and our solid wood parquet comes in traditional dimensions of 280mm by 70mm x 20mm.

Parquet Floor Colours

Alongside style and the type of parquet flooring, there are different colours available which all have various benefits.

The most popular colours are light and natural parquet flooring. These types of parquet flooring offer a neutral and traditional tone for any room. It can blend in with any décor or be paired with light colour schemes and clean-line furniture.

For a monochromatic effect, choose white parquet or grey parquet flooring. These add a more modern look to a classic floor and can brighten up the room.

Or for a more traditional and warm feeling, dark parquet flooring adds rich character and a sense of refinement. This colour is usually what parquet is laid in, you can pair it with lighter shades to balance or pair it with a darker colour to make a bold but cosy aesthetic.

Parquet Flooring Finishes

Our parquet floors also have different finishes to choose from. From matt, natural oil, and unfinished, our parquet finishes all have their own benefits.

A matt finish gives an elegant, less glossy and wax-like finish and is the most popular finish. It protects your floor from scratches and slows the colour-changing effects of the sun. Natural oil finish gives a natural, glossy, and classic look but offers less protection from the sun. An unfinished parquet comes with no finish and is completely natural, it's ready for any finish you see fit, or none at all.

Parquet Flooring Room Suitability

The suitability or parquet flooring for different rooms does depend on which material it's made from. The suitability will change if you are choosing solid wood, engineered, laminate or luxury vinyl parquet-effect flooring.

Solid wood parquet flooring is a great option for any room in your home, but it's best for rooms that see the most footfall, such as entryways, hallways, living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. But it's not a great fit for rooms with humidity or moisture, such as bathrooms or those with underfloor heating. This is because the humidity can lead to the wood drying out, shrinking, or expanding.

Engineered wood flooring however, has the same finish and look to it, but the layers make it more resistant to moisture and temperature. So, it can be laid down in more rooms including bathrooms with care. These floor types are so similar, so for a full breakdown check out our guide on the difference between solid and engineered wood flooring.

For a more high-end style, Parquet LVT or luxury vinyl flooring is super tough, versatile and waterproof so it's great for all rooms in the house. The great thing about parquet LVT is that you can achieve the look without cold feet and cracked tiles.

How To Install Parquet Flooring

How you install your parquet flooring all depends on the material you choose - solid wood, engineered, laminate, or LVT.

Installing solid wood flooring can be lengthy, so we recommend calling in a professional, it also depends on the method used, whether it be nailing, glueing or peel and stick underlay. To read more, check out our guide on installing solid wood flooring.

For engineered parquet floors, the process to lay your floor is much simpler and can be done with or without a professional. Though you'll need a good set of DIY skills before installing! For detailed information, take a look at our engineered parquet flooring installation guide.

If you've chosen parquet-effect laminate flooring, it's simple and easy to lay. You just need to lay the underlay and then place the flooring boards. For detailed information, take a look at our guide on how to install laminate flooring .

And finally, for parquet LVT, the installation process is relatively easy and simple but is different depending on the type. There is glue down, click LVT and lose lay, the installation process will be different for each one, so check out our LVT installation guide for more information.

For more information on your specific floor type, take a look at our full floor installation and maintenance advice.

Parquet Flooring Accessories

When you choose the style and type of your parquet flooring, we also offer a wide range of accessories including underlays, trims and profiles, skirting, tools and aftercare, as well as adhesives.

Our parquet flooring underlay all consists of different types which all have their own benefits. From acoustic insulation to absorb the sound of footsteps, to thermal insulation, underfloor heating underlay, or even a damp-proof membrane if you are laying your floor over concrete or water-based underfloor heating.

To aid in fitting and installation, we have a range of parquet trims to cover the transition between floors and changes in height. And even parquet skirting boards and scotia to cover the expansion gap next to your walls.

If you are installing your floor yourself, we have a wide range of parquet adhesive for both underlay or general use. As well, we supply parquet flooring tools and aftercare which consists of the right kits for installing, day-to-day care, cleaning products, and repair kits.

Parquet flooring, whether you choose solid or engineered, or if you opt for parquet-effect laminate or LVT flooring, are all great options for a beautiful floor for your home. There are endless options of style, pattern, colour and materials to fit the room you are looking for. For design ideas, take a look at our Parquet Flooring Inspiration.