There are many ways to incorporate rustic interior design into your home. Whatever your overall style, here's our top 5 tips to bring your rustic home to life:

  1. Rustic flooring

    Rustic floors contain lots of knots, cracks and features which create beautiful variation across the floor without compromising the integrity of the boards. Embracing nature from the very base of your room will set you off on the right path. rustic solid wood flooring is great too, of course, but rustic engineered flooring can be used in conservatories and with underfloor heating.
  2. Let natural materials lead the way

    Rustic décor uses plenty of wood and stone; try to avoid artificial materials for work surfaces, for example, and opt for treated wood or stone instead. This is the basis of almost all rustic rooms, and these materials should lead the rest of your interior design.
  3. Keep the colours light

    Go for gentle pastel colours, and a generous serving of cream. Light, soft colours don't overwhelm the natural shades and are perfect to complement dark, rustic furniture, which can create a wonderful contrast in your interior design.
  4. Fabrics

    The use of earthy-tones is essential here. Go for more natural and sturdy fabrics like cotton, linen and wool for a rustic effect. These feel wholesome and homely, and can be used in quite a wide range of different ways.
  5. Bring the outdoors in

    It's a strong interior design trend in 2016, but it's even more important for when you want to create a rugged landscape within your own home. We're talking lots of windows, plenty of light and a generous amount of indoor plants. This will all go to soften and enhance the rustic look.

Whilst ‘rustic décor’ is a style with multiple interpretations, there are still key principals you can apply to your home. Hopefully these 5 simple tips will get you started in the right direction.