Finding the perfect bathroom flooring has always been tricky - with splashing kids and steamy showers, wooden and laminate floors take quite a bit of abuse. Until now. Quickstep Impressive is a laminate range which really lives up to its name.

This range is the most waterproof laminate floor ever created, with water-repelling ‘Hydro-Seal’ technology which prevents water from seeping in between the boards. This makes it perfect for bathrooms, where splashes are unavoidable and laminate floors typically suffer from the moisture.

The Impressive range is made by Quickstep, who are one of the biggest producers of engineered and laminate floors in the world. Quickstep are so confident about this range they offer a 10 year warranty against water damage, and a full 25 years for wear and tear - that's a confident move for a laminate floor!

Even better, the texture on this floor is some of Quickstep's finest work, perfectly mimicking the grain design. In fact, it's very hard to tell that it isn't real wood. It's no wonder that the Impressive and Impressive Ultra (the sturdier, thicker cousin) sold out worldwide within its first month of launch. Don't worry though, we have the full range online and ready to go.