Quick-Step have released a brand-new range of LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), called Quick-Step Alpha. Like the name suggests, these are ultra-strong, and the best performing LVT Quick-Step have ever produced.

So, what makes them so great? Firstly, the fact that you can lay them over almost any subfloor, even ones that are irregular. This means you're saving money and time on subfloor prep, perfect if you're renovating. It's also straightforward to install, so if you like a DIY project, you can save money on the installation as well.

Not only is it versatile with regards to the subfloor, but it also has a watertight click system. Combine this with the hydro-seal finish of the boards, you get a fully waterproof floor. So, you can lay this in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere in your home with moisture, as it's designed specifically to withstand conditions like these. A perfect option if you have pets or children!

Children and pets don't just spill things, they also can scratch your floor or drop their toys, which would usually leave marks all over your new floor. Luckily, Quick-Step have designed a unique top layer for the Alpha range, which is scratch and stain resistant. Not to mention the ultra-strong core of the boards, giving them a high impact resistance, so you needn't worry about dropping things in your day to day life - your floor is built for this.

Quick-Step Alpha Cotton Oak White Blush - light and natural, this floor is inspired by real white-washed wood floors. The grain, texture and surface are all designed to look as authentic as possible

Quick-Step Alpha Marble Carrara White - looking for something luxurious? This marble-inspired floor is classy and stylish, with natural looking details.

Quick-Step Alpha Autumn Oak Honey - warm and golden, this décor closely mimics a real oak floor, creating a cosy feel in your home.

Quick-Step Alpha Volcanic Rock - if you want a statement floor, this deep stone inspired floor is a great choice for you.

Finally - the last notable feature of this range is the realistic textures and designs. They've created stone and wood options, including marble, slate, pine and oak. There is sure to be something to suit your interior style, and they are incredibly convincing - looking just like the real thing.

Sound good? Browse the range, order some samples, and test them out for yourself. You won't be disappointed!