The flooring world is constantly evolving, with new types and styles of floor entering the market frequently. One of the most recent adaptations of vinyl floor is SPC vinyl, which is a type of rigid vinyl. The experts over at Polyflor have created an entire range of SPC vinyl floors, called the ‘EnCore Rigid Loc’ range.

So, what's so special about this range? Or what's so special SPC vinyl floors? The acronym SPC stands for ‘Stone Polymer Composite’ making them sturdier and more robust. Without getting too technical, this essentially means SPC vinyl is more durable and hard-wearing in comparison to other LVT floors.

Aside from that, SPC and traditional LVT floors have a lot in common. They're both easy to clean and require little maintenance or upkeep over the years. Both come in an array of styles and colours, so you can find the perfect vinyl to suit your design preference. They're both 100% waterproof, making them suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and toddlers.


So, the main perks of SPC vinyl floors are the technical and installation benefits. Unlike traditional vinyl floors, these can be laid over most subfloors with less preparation, as the rigid composition of the board means it isn't as sensitive to subfloor discrepancies. This also means it tends to feel firmer underfoot than other LVTs. The other appealing aspect of the EnCore range is the easy locking system installation, making the installation process DIY friendly - potentially saving you money. SPC vinyl floors are incredibly impact resistant, and designed to withstand high impact, meaning dropped toys from the kids are no longer a worry for the floor!

The team at Polyflor have expertly created the EnCore Rigid Loc range to boast all of the benefits of a typical LVT vinyl floor, but with added extras. They come with a built-in sound reducing backing layer, designed to minimise sound up to 19dB. They've also finished the boards with a scratch and stain resistant finish, proving this is the ultimate floor for any commercial or domestic setting - it's even suitable for use within conservatories!

This remarkable range features 12 wood designs, all finished and designed to replicate real-wood floors as closely as possible. They all come with micro bevelled edges, adding definition to each plank once laid. The 12 decors include trendy greys, traditional oaks and antique hazel hues.

If you're looking for the striking appearance of a wood floor with the freedom to lay it anywhere in the house, this range is the one for you.