Ahmed, our Edmonton Store Manager, was hard pressed to choose his favourite floor for our latest staff pick, so instead chose our Nätura Ironbark range of engineered wood flooring. With 21 beautiful and unique 20mm thick engineered floors to choose from in a variety of colours ranging from whitewashed oak to dark walnut and 2 unfinished options that you can stain yourself, you're sure to find your perfect wooden floor.

Ahmed highly recommends our Nätura Ironbark floors because they come with a 6mm veneer finish meaning they can be sanded down a few times if your floor needs a retouch. The majority of the range come in extra-large and wide boards making them a striking choice. They are more robust and sturdier than many engineered floors, and Ahmed believes the quality of the wood will last you for years to come.

The idea behind the range came from Flooring Supplies owner Adrian, while he and his wife were holidaying in the Caribbean several years ago. As the story goes, they swam out to a bay and noticed a unique sailing boat which for some reason, stood out to them. They later met Trevor who owned the boat and he took them out on his boat ‘Iron Bark’ and shared with them the story of the boat. The Iron Bark had withstood 2 years of ice, as Trevor was trapped in the arctic and that is thanks to the strength and resilience of the boat that both he and the boat survived.

Feeling fascinated by the boat and its story, Adrian felt inspired and that inspiration led to our Ironbark flooring. This range is the thickest engineered flooring we do, and the 6mm veneer is inspired by the strength and resilience of the Iron Bark boat. Read more about the Iron Bark Story.

Still not sure which Ironbark floor might be the most suitable? To help here's our guide to a few Ironbark floors.

The Nätura Walnut Ironbark Mississippi is our only Natura Walnut floor, and it's sure to transform your room completely. The deep tones and variation of the walnut make your floor truly unique, and the smooth matt lacquer finish is a popular choice.

The Natura Oak Ironbark Valley is a prime floor, meaning the boards have minimal knots and variation. This gives the floor a clean, modern and sophisticated appearance, and the smooth surface texture matches the minimalist appearance of the floor.

The Natura Oak Ironbark Explorer has been stained and finished with a lacquer to give a darker, earthier feel to the floor. The rustic grain of the wood means you can appreciate natural knots in the floor, making this a great traditional choice.

The Natura Oak Ironbark Kinver is an on-trend, stylish grey floor. Although the boards are shorter and narrower than most of the collection, they'll still transform your room into a serene space.

The Natura Oak Ironbark Mountain is a natural rustic oak floor. The rustic grain combined with the textured surface of the boards is sure to bring a traditional, classic feel to any room. It's a versatile floor which will suit a vast array of décors.

To help you choose the perfect engineered floor why not give our room visualiser tool a go so you can see how each floor will look in your room, check out our 360 panoramic images or order a free sample.