We asked our Sales Advisor Adam for his Staff Pick - and he didn't hesitate to choose the Kährs Artisan Oak Lino Textured White.

With just under 50% off the RRP (48% to be exact), and plenty of stock ready to deliver, this is a great floor at an even better price. You can rest assured this floor is worth the money, as it comes with a 30-year domestic warranty, proving it was made to last.

Adam mentions the natural white brushed oil finish, which gives a unique softer look that embraces the textured grain of each board. Another key aspect of these boards is they're 1.8m long, and extra wide, making them ideal for rooms like a dining room or lounge, as it complements a larger space.

The key feature of this floor for Adam is the fact it's DIY friendly - which will save you money and the time of hiring someone else to do it! Each plank locks into one another, on top of an underlay. This is called a ‘floating floor’ and its standard practice in Kährs floors, to make them as easy as possible to install. We have an array of underlays, depending on your requirements, and they come at a discounted rate when you purchase with this floor.

This floor will need a few tools to make sure the boards are connected securely, and these are all in the Unika professional installation kit. For any questions deeper into the installation please call one of our advisors on 0800 999 8100, who will answer any questions you might have!

Adam offers his expert advice; ‘The installation guide is on the website, and should you get stuck you can give us a call, but **touch wood** you will be fine. The best advice to offer is to measure twice!’

Like the sound of this floor? Feel free to see how it would look in your room with our Room Visualiser Tool, or even order a free sample to see how it looks up close.


Kahrs Artisan Oak Lino Textured White Engineered Floor Grain