2022 is due to bring fresh and new trends to the interior world. After the doom and gloom of the past couple of years, we're now excited to express vibrance and excitement through our homes.

One key focus of the world has been sustainability and being eco-friendly. This translates to interior enthusiasts, as we see natural inspired palettes and textures boom in popularity. Inspiration is taken from bright open skies, making you feel open and free. To embrace this fresh spring look, we recommend opening up your space with pastel walls and a light, bright floor. A stone effect floor can work well, as the natural inspired patterns compliment the radiant tones.

A popular trend for the past few years has been Scandinavian inspired wood, but that's about to change. Rich deep wood floors are going to make a comeback as we appreciate all things natural. A real wood floor can inject beauty and nature into your space, and the connotations of strength, durability and longevity are very appropriate as our wood floors are made to last. A deep character wood floor is sure to transform your room.

As well as nature, wellness and minimalism are two key trends for 2022. Sanctuary-like spaces have gained more popularity, and can easily be replicated with calm muted tones that help prompt self-reflection. The idea of ‘less is more’ is widely embraced, often paired with painted archways or shapes to create a modern creative space. Simple, clean floors can really compliment a minimalistic room without taking all of the attention.

If you want your home to feel trendy for this year, playing around with textures can make a big difference to your space. Think macrame accessories, textured pottery or maybe a beautiful new rug. Rugs are ideal due to the array of textures, colours & patterns to choose from.

So there are our predictions for the interior trends of 2022. If you want to try and change up your space, give our Room Visualiser Tool a try. See our floors come to life in your room with the click of a button. And if you have any questions, our team of experts are on hand to help.