Now that we're entering a new year, many homeowners are considering giving their house a deep clean from top to bottom to recover from the festive celebrations! As the leading experts on all things flooring, we thought we'd share with you the top dos and don'ts of how to clean your floor.

Why clean your floor?

The main purpose of cleaning your floor (other than hygiene) is to prevent scratches, scuffs and wearing of the surface. Tiny pieces of grit can scratch your floor and dull the finish, shortening the life of your boards or tiles.

How to Clean Your Floor:

The best way to clean your floor is by sweeping or vacuuming it regularly. This is quick, easy and will prevent the grit and dirt from building up. Ideally, this should be done daily, but we realise that for some people there is life beyond floors (we've yet to find it...) so twice a week is good, too. If your floor has a grain, be sure wipe along the grain, which will help remove the dust from the grooves.

Once a week or so, wash your floor with a specially designed floor cleaner. This will vary from floor to floor, but unless you've got vinyl flooring you should avoid using a wet mop - it's just too much water for your floor to handle on a regular basis. Instead, a microfiber mop with a specialist cleaning solution (many of which we sell) is your best bet for a thorough clean.

What to Avoid:

Remember to stay away from bleach, scouring pads and furniture polish - these will all wear away the finish on your floor. (And for goodness sake, never use a steam cleaner!) If you follow all these tips your floor will stay clean and protected for years to come.