At the heart of every room is flooring. If you're after a classic, clean base for your room, grey flooring is the perfect option. It's versatility means that you don't have to change your floor when redecorating your room. Whether you're planning on renovating your new home or revamping your space, we have collected an array of grey flooring ideas for large and small spaces, including different shades and styles, making choosing a grey floor easier.

Grey Living Room Flooring Ideas

For those high-traffic areas, keeping your living room clean and tidy as well as stylish can be achievable. Create a blank canvas with grey engineered wood flooring, as this style of flooring acts as a bold flooring design as well as being highly durable. Complement your space by adding light toned or coloured furniture, which will match your flooring perfectly. Finish off your living space with some greenery and plants, bringing the outside, in.

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Grey Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Uplift your bedroom décor by bringing a hint of grey into your bathroom. Create a feature wall to match your grey bathroom flooring or add minimal ornaments to counteract your taste. Grey is an incredibly popular colour to include within your home, as it goes with most décor styles. Choosing a grey vinyl flooring for your bathroom would be ideal, as it is a long-lasting flooring option in both style and durability. For smaller bathroom areas view our Grey Vinyl Flooring styles

Grey Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Making your bedroom your own with our choice of grey flooring, can be so easy to style. Alluring and contemporary, our luxurious grey bedroom flooring is one that never goes out of style. Choose to either match your grey flooring with a grey headboard and bedframe or add contrast with bright white or yellow bedroom features including bedside furniture, wall hangings or ornaments.

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Matching Colours with Grey

Colour matches which best suit grey flooring and grey interiors for your home:

Grey and Yellow

All shades of yellow pair with grey flooring, whether you decide to incorporate patterned yellow wallpaper or a bold bright yellow furniture, design and match your shade of choice to your bedroom or living space. Add a feature wall, incorporating mellow yellow tones and pair with grey sofa to match your grey engineered wood flooring.

Grey with Green

Green works perfectly in combination with grey for a fresh, inspiring, contemporary interior. Starting with a steady base of grey wooden flooring, start to bring in soft green paints, fabrics and ornaments. Cushions, bedding, chairs and feature walls are all great opportunities with this decor. As a general rule of thumb, the more you use, the fainter the green should be. Features can stand out in a strong lime green, but walls and surfaces should be more muted. Another idea is to use plants which, when used correctly, make a great feature and bring natural, light green which perfectly complements a grey floor design.

Grey with Red

Red meanwhile, is the perfect accompaniment for grey laminate flooring for a strong, confident statement. Sharp bursts of bright red are excellent at puncturing the room as an exciting focal point to bring a little drama and passion to your home. Avoid going overboard! Red should be bright and bold, but it should be kept minimal rather than dominating the room. For a stunning living space, try creating a soft pallet by mixing grey flooring with whites and muted browns, and then bring it to life with focused explosions of red. Geometric shapes and sweeping lines bring are a theatrical way to spice up your design.

Choosing to install grey flooring within your home can create a new, fresh-looking home. All our flooring choices including grey vinyl flooring, grey engineered wood flooring and grey laminate flooring are easy to keep clean and long-lasting. Looking for more? See our Flooring Inspiration Hub.

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