Sometimes novelty presents can end up collecting dust, but this is exactly what these gifts are designed to do! If you know somebody who's particularly house-proud and you're trying to find the perfect present, consider these unusual floor-cleaning gadgets.

The Mocoro Cleaning Bot is one of the cutest floor cleaners we've ever seen. Powered by batteries, this adorable little ball scoots around your floor picking up all the dust. When it hits an obstacle is simply turns around and finds another route, meaning you can leave it to do its thing without having to supervise. Once it's gathered all the dust you can simply clean the cover of your fluffy companion and it'll be ready to go again. Apparently it's also an amazing toy for cats - although we can't guarantee the safety of Mocoro.

If you've ever had a baby you'll know that their destruction knows no bounds. You'll often be so busy that there simply isn't time to get on with the usual chores - like hoovering the floor. That's why the Baby Mop (which actually started as a spoof product, until they realised its potential) was invented. This adorable onesie turns your baby into a mean, lean, floor cleaning machine. Simply let them crawl at will and watch your worries get brushed away! Just be sure to clean the onesie when it gets dusty and tend to any... Leaks.

If you bought your loved one a yacht last year, and they've already got enough helicopters, then maybe it's time to scale things back and get them something nice, basic and practical - a vacuum cleaner. This cleaner features an extra wide 14" nozzle with a roller-brush attachment, and non-slip urethane wheels... Oh, and it's also plated in 24kt gold. Coming in at £800,000 it might be a better idea to wait for the January sales, but we think you can't put a price on a clean floor.