We want everybody to choose their floor with 100% confidence, which is why we've introduced a brand new way to view your floor: panoramic images.

We've used the latest imaging technology to capture our flooring in full 360°, so you can scroll, swipe and turn your way around the room.

If you're browsing on a mobile or tablet, you can physically move the device around and the screen will react, as if you were standing in the room itself. If you're using a desktop or laptop, it's as simple as pushing the image around with the mouse.

These 360° images are available across our very own Nätura Ironbark range right now. You can view the whole range - simply click on the floor you'd like to see.

Then, once you're ready to see the real thing, go ahead and order a sample of any floors you like the look of, and we'll ship them out to you as fast as we can. If you're still after the bigger picture, we even offer extra-large samples on selected floors.