As you may have heard, Christmas is on the horizon. Those of you who celebrate it will know how quickly the house can turn to chaos as dinners, relatives and new toys take their toll on your home.

So we want to help you out. No, we can't cook the dinner, but we can give you a few pointers to look after your floor.

  • If you've got a real Christmas tree, remember to water it little and often - not only will this keep it green and healthy, but it prevents excess water overflowing and seeping into your floor.
  • Try putting a small mat or piece of carpet under your Christmas tree stand - not only can this look festive, it protects your floor against scratches.
  • Be sure to vacuum up needles regularly - standing on pine needles can be pretty painful but even if your foot gets lucky, you can end up walking pretty stubborn green stains into the floor. Needles can also get stuck in bevelled edges, which is why we recommend a hoover instead of a brush.
  • No doubt there'll be chairs scraping and tables sliding at the big Christmas dinner - make sure you've got protective felt pads on all your furniture to stop them scratching.
  • Put a doormat by your door. Even ‘clean’ shoes hold tiny pieces of grit. This grit will get walked into the floor and start to scratch away at the finish. Doormats also help mop up snow in the event of a white Christmas.
Christmas Floor Care