We're delighted to welcome Balterio to our portfolio of top-quality flooring brands.

The Balterio Traditions range of laminate flooring is inspired by nature and captures all the beauty you find in a real wood floor. The surface of each board has been created with expert technology to mimic the feel of real wood and the embossing process adds a unique texture that highlights the natural grain patterns. People often think laminate floors look obvious and unnatural, but the surface texture achieved in Balterio's Traditions range gives an authentic feeling to these floors.

Another unique feature of the traditions range is that each floor comes with up to 20 different planks, each with their own individual wood designs so you can mix the boards, giving you a truly natural looking wooden floor with a realistic grain and detailed knot effects.

Do you want a wooden floor but are worried about spillages, especially in the kitchen or bathroom? Not a problem as the traditions range is completely waterproof. Each board has been hydrosealed, and made so that no water can seep into the joints, giving you time to clean up the spills without ruining your floor. This makes them a perfect choice to achieve the look and feel of a beautiful wooden floor even in your bathroom or kitchen.

Our Balterio traditions range is made up of 14 beautiful décors, ranging from your traditional oak to more modern styles too. The Balterio Traditions Loft Grey Oak is a modern and on-trend grey wood effect laminate, perfect for stylish interiors. The Balterio Traditions Castello Oak is inspired by dark stains and deep grains, great if you've got a pop of colour and good lighting. But if you want a more traditional look, the Balterio Traditions Sonora Oak with sits natural mid-tones is a perfect choice and is well suited to most interiors.

So, if you're looking for a floor that's been designed with you in mind, the Balterio Traditions range is perfect for you and your home. Don't forget; we offer fast delivery, finance options and friendly expert advice throughout your order. Does a laminate floor that looks and feels like a genuine wooden floor sound too good to be true?

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