Welcome to Decor Through the Decades, in this series of articles, we'll be taking a look at key decades, movements and styles in the world of design. We'll tell you what was popular at the time, and how to recreate the look in your home. This week we're taking a look at the 1920s in Britain.

After the hardships of war, the roaring 20's were all about glamour and fun. With lavish parties and cocktail events taking place in people's homes interior design became key with early Hollywood, art deco and modernism all influencing styles.

1920's home design featured monochrome colour schemes such as black, silver and chrome mixed with geometric patterns. Walls were left bare concrete or painted white, with mouldings and plasterwork hidden or removed.

Flooring was grand in 1920's decor - parquet flooring was common as was black and white tiling – a look which, nowadays, can be replicated with far superior materials such as LVT. Below is a link to our Pinterest board for 1920s design, check out the images to springboard your creativity!

As you can see, furniture this was kept to a minimum and featured streamlined – but glamourous - design. Smoking paraphernalia and cocktail cabinets became highly fashionable thanks to influences from early Hollywood, and soon made their way into working and middle class homes.

Rather than filling the room with accessories as people had for decades, the focus was on a few, grand focal points. Sculptures, art and ornate mirrors were popular, with gold, glass and chrome the favourite materials.