Laminate Toughness

When picking your laminate flooring, it's important to factor in how tough the floor-ing is. Luckily for you, laminate flooring is very durable. Here, we discuss how tough laminate flooring is, how to prevent scratches, the best way to tackle any damage that may occur and everything in between.

Are laminate floors water resistant?

All laminate flooring is resistant to spills and splashes, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Be aware, though, that if you leave puddles to seep in between the boards then your floor can warp over time, so be sure to clean up any splashes as soon as you can.

If you want a really safe option for your bathroom, we recommend the Quickstep Impressive range, which is completely waterproof. It’s also been made to an incredible standard, with an ultra-realistic finish, making it the king of bathroom floors.

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Are laminate floors scratch resistant?

Laminate flooring’s tough wear layer is very resistant to scratches and scrapes. There’s no need to worry about daily wear and tear or little feet stomping about. If you do manage to scratch it (which is usually from dragging heavy furniture or wearing high heels) you may need a laminate repair kit.

How to prevent scratches on laminate flooring

To prevent scratches or scrapes from occurring, there are ways to protect your laminate flooring. Such as furniture pads, putting rugs down and trimming pet's nails.

High heels

High heels can scratch laminate flooring, but this is easily avoidable. If you opt for laminate flooring in the hallway, add a runner or a doormat. This way, if someone arrives home in high heeled shoes there's time to take them off indoors without the heel ever touching your laminate flooring. Laying a rug down over your laminate flooring will not only protect the floor in high traffic areas, but they also add a per-sonal aesthetic to a room.


If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed. Little scratches may occur if a pet has long sharp nails. If this does happen you will need a repair kit.

See our Laminate Flooring Maintenance and Aftercare guide.

How durable is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is known for being a tough, durable product. It is made up of four hard-wearing layers. The bottom layer, a stabilising high-performance layer for high durability.

The middle layers include a high-density layer designed to withstand dents and a photographic layer which replicates the flooring style you desire. Finally, you have the top layer which is scratch resistant. Although the top layer is scratch resistant, it's important to remember it is not scratch proof. Therefore, some sort of protection will be useful if your flooring is in a high traffic area.

Although our laminate flooring is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, it is very hard-wearing. Opting for a thicker floor will naturally be even more durable. For example, our 12mm laminate flooring is ultra-durable.

Flooring durability is an important factor to consider when deciding which flooring should go in which room. For more information on room suitability, see our laminate flooring room suitability guide.

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