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Sonic Gold Acoustic Underlay

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Sonic Gold acoustic underlay offers exceptional performance for comfort, support, and acoustic reduction, over 24db. This product also offers excellent thermal insulation properties making it ideal for underfloor heating systems.

Made with non-toxic and non-dusting materials this underlay will effectively even out minor floor imperfections.

A gold foil vapour barrier with a 200mm over lap acts as an excellent DPM (damp proof membrane) to protect your floor for moisture attached to a 65kg/m3 high density foam core with high compressive and recovery strength.

Product Summary:
  • Approx. Density (kg/m3) 65
  • Approx. PE Foam Roll Weight (g/m2) 353.16g
  • Thermal Conductivity ( W/mK) 0.048
  • Sound Reduction (dB) >24dB


Product Code: GOLD
For Use With: Laminate
For Use With: Realwood
Weight: 5.2kg
Dimensions: 5mm (t) x 1000mm (w) x 15m (l)
loading tooltip
Pack Size: 15m2
Length: 15000mm
GTIN: 0634158626432
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Questions & Answers

I am installing Sonic Gold on top of wood floor panels, does it need to be nailed or stapled to the floor? Thanks

Asked by Alexis Alvarado from London on 11 Apr 2021

1 Answer

Hi there, It does not need to be nailed or stapled. You can lay the floor straight onto the underlay.

hi, do i need to tape the joints? Thanks

Asked by Mark Mason from Braunton on 30 Sep 2020

1 Answer

Hi Mark, This underlay comes with an overlap, so you don't need to tape it but some people like to, so if you find it's easier for you, feel free to do so.

Hello - Can I glue this underlay on the concrete subfloor and then glue the engineering floor on top underlay?

Asked by Stefka on 09 Sep 2020

1 Answer

Hi Stefka, This underlay doesn't need glueing to your subfloor, and the engineered wood can be installed as a floating floor, you do not need to glue the engineered wood to the underlay.

in the description it says this product will "...effectively even out minor floor imperfections." Could you confirm in mm the actual depth of imperfections that this underlay will cover up?

Asked by alan on 17 Mar 2020

1 Answer

Hi We do not have a specific amount of mm we would recommend as per the manufacturers if your floor is more uneven than 2/3mm to get the sub floor rectified. If we can help you further with any queries you may have please send us an email to and one of our team will be able to assist you.

Does the sonic gold underlay increase floor level by 5mm? Or does it compress and therefore only raise the finished floor level by say 3mm over time? we need an accurate finished floor level including underlay and floorboards to send to the staircase maker as it has to match the top of the stairs (the underlay and flooring will be used in the loft room and the loft landing which the stairs will go up to

Asked by Alan on 17 Mar 2020

1 Answer

Hi It's 5mm thick and should not compress, unless great weight is applied. If our team can help you further please send us an email to and we'd be more than happy to help.

I read in answer to another question you said the underlay should be laid so it goes up the walls a small amount. The underlay itself only has a flap on one end, so how does this work in practice?

Asked by Neil Jeffery on 14 Nov 2018

1 Answer

Hi Neil, We would recommend using the regular part of the underlay up the walls and the flap to overlap each underlay. Once the floor is laid you then cut the underlay that has been overlapped slightly up the wall to leave a clean finish. Hope this helps.

Hi,do you fit the sonic gold underlay in the opposite direction of the laminate flooring and do you need to tape down edges,Thanks

Asked by Chris on 17 Sep 2018

1 Answer

There is no rule where you have to lay it in the opposite direction, the only thing we recommend is that you lay it gold side down. You don’t need to tape down edges, as they overlap, but some people tape them down if they want.

Hi, I’m planning on laying the sonic gold on top of my concrete base to avoid damp and reduce acoustic noise. Can i lay further layer of standard underlay prior to laying carpet? If not, what underlay would you recommend as I need to lay carpet? Thanks Mike

Asked by Mike on 14 Apr 2018

1 Answer

Hi Mike, I'm afraid this underlay isn't suitable for carpets. We'd recommend talking to your carpet suppliers to find out the best solution for your room.

Hi Can this be used under quickstep laminate floors? cheers

Asked by Darren Santilli on 28 Mar 2018

1 Answer

Hi Darren, we'd recommend one of our Quickstep underlays for their laminate floors, which can be found here:

Has sonic gold every been used sucessfully in partition walling and ceilings, ie sandwiched between two sheets of plaster board to reduce noise transmission between rooms, if not would you recommend it ? at 65kg/m3 it exceeds some of the specification of other recommended acoustic products

Asked by andrew shaw from Lincolnshire on 28 Feb 2018

1 Answer

Hi Andrew, unfortunately we can't recommend that you use it for this purpose, as it's designed specifically for flooring.

I recently had a new engineered wood floor put in living dining area using this underlay. Unfortunately, there is squeaky noise in many areas. The builder who put this underlay is blaming the underlay but I am not convinced. We have cemented subfloor and apparently this sub floor was even. Is it common for the floors to creak if we use this underlay?

Asked by Manju Kappen from Hemel Hempstead on 06 Feb 2018

1 Answer

Hi Manju, we're sorry to say that it's not possible for an underlay to cause squeaking as you describe. We've got a brief guide on dealing with and preventing squeaky floors here: and if you'd like any more advice, feel free to call our team.

Do I have to lay the underlay fully,before fitting the wood floor. Or can I fit as I go ,is it strong enough to kneel on when laying engineered wood.

Asked by Tony Alderton from Wales on 07 Jan 2018

1 Answer

Hi Tony, we recommend fitting this fully before installing your floor - it's perfectly safe to kneel on the underlay during installation.

Can this product be used under karndean vinyl planks and on top of wooden floors?

Asked by Mark on 20 Oct 2017

1 Answer

Hi Mark, which floor do you plan on installing over this underlay? Any subfloor that the underlay goes on must be flat, level and clean.

Hi there, I have a chipboard floor and am putting in underfloor heating. I need to keep the depth to a minimum. Am i right in thinking I put the sonic gold on the chip board then the heating mat on top then the laminate on top of that? Thanks

Asked by martin cox from bristol on 19 Jun 2017

1 Answer

Hi Martin, The underlay goes on top of the underfloor heating, not below. We'd recommend the Quicktherm Vapour Underlay, as it's designed to be used with UFH, and lets much more of the heat pass through:

In the product description you say acoustic reduction is over 24dB. On page and in a linked PDF file in another question here it states up to 22dB sound reduction. Can you clarify this please? I must get the best sound reducing underlay available to comply with the lease and I need proof and 24dB would be the best value I've seen so far. What is the best sound reducing underlay?

Asked by Nick Zahn from Manchester on 04 May 2017

1 Answer

Hi Nick, thanks for letting us know about this. The Gold underlay has acoustic insulation of over 24dB, as shown in the latest datasheet available here: we will amend the errors across the site, which relate to an older version.

We would like to install an engineered floor with electric underfloor heating on a suspended wooden floor in a first floor apartment. Could you advise on the best acoustic underlay you sell for this situation as I understand we need a low tog value. Sound insulation is the main priority. Thanks!

Asked by Graham on 12 Apr 2017

1 Answer

Hi Graham, This is a difficult one, I'm afraid. The Gold underlay will be perfect for sound insulation, and is incredibly effective. However, it's so effective that it will also insulate against the effects of your underfloor heating, making it harder to heat up your room. For an effective underlay with underfloor heating, we'd recommend our QuickTherm underlay, which can be found here:

My floor fitters have put the gold side facing up! Is this a problem. Some of our floors are concrete, will the gold face being up effect the damp proofing properties.

Asked by Bari Singh from Bucks on 31 Mar 2017

1 Answer

Hi Bari, sorry to hear that! The flooring itself will be fine and protected, but if the concrete is damp then the underlay may degenerate over time. If you can, we'd definitely recommend turning the underlay over.

Hi, Could you please clarify why this Natura sonic gold underlay is not suitable for solid wood flooring (according to answers to previous questions)? I was planning to use it as sub-floor leveling before secret nailing down 20mm solid wood floorboards on existing battens which are separated with insulating boards (first floor). Thanks, Best Regards.

Asked by GregG from Oxon on 20 Mar 2017

1 Answer

Hi Greg, No underlays are used when installing solid wood floors - they're simply not designed for nailing through, and aren't needed in the process. We've got a guide to installing solid wood floors, which can be found here:

Are the any specific installation guides I can follow?

Asked by Ben Blank from DUNSTABLE on 15 Feb 2017

1 Answer

Hi Ben, This underlay is very simple to install, simply roll it out across the subfloor, being sure to cover the whole area. The DPM layer should reach slightly up the walls and overlap other sheets for a secure covering, but make sure the foam layer doesn't overlap. A knife or kitchen scissors will be enough to cut the rolls to size.

I have read your q&a's but I don't understand the thermal qualities. Basically we have installed electric under floor heating on a concrete floor with screed on top. Which underlay is the most suitable for use with a 12mm laminate floor. Thanks

Asked by Danny McCreesh from Ripon on 07 Feb 2017

1 Answer

Hi Danny, When you've got underfloor heating you'll want the thinnest possible underlay. This thick underlay doesn't let heat pass through, which is great for overfloor heating, but reduces the effectiveness of underfloor heating. Hope that helps.

I would like to put engineered wood floor (floating method, t&g) in the lower ground level (concrete). Shall I use 3mm or 5mm underlay?

Asked by Evgeny on 11 Jan 2017

1 Answer

Hi Evgeny, Both the Natura Silver and Gold will be fine, as they both have a Damp Proof Membrane, which is key for concrete subfloors. It's entirely up to you which you choose, though the 5mm will offer more insulation of sound and heat.

Can this be used under a vinyl type flooring, in a kitchen or bathroom?

Asked by Paul Jackson from Sheffield on 09 Sep 2016

1 Answer

Hi Paul, Our underlays can be used with any floor with a locking mechanism. Here's all of our LVT floors which are suitable: A combination of this underlay and a locking LVT floor would be perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

does the 22db sound apply to any thickness of laminate floor laid on top of this product

Asked by michael westbury from preston lancs on 11 Jul 2016

1 Answer

Hi Michael, The 22dB is just in reference to the underlay, irrelevant of what floor is placed on top.

When it says toxic free what does this mean ? has it got low VOC levels? (Volatile Organic Compounds). & What exactly is it made from?

Asked by Jo on 21 Jun 2016

1 Answer

Hi Jo, Natura Gold is produced from high density closed cell Polyethylene Foam which is CFC and HCFC free and 100% recyclable. You can find out more technical specs about the underlay here:

Hi, which way round should the underlay be laid? thank you

Asked by Catherine Deguillaume from London on 14 Jun 2016

1 Answer

Hi Catherine, Good question, the underlay should be laid with the gold side facing down.

I am planning on using this underlay over concrete (with no underfloor heating) under engineered wood. Does this product provide a good balance of reflecting any room heat back into the room, but also good for acoustic purposes? or is there another product that would fulfil those requirements? thanks

Asked by Vanessa from Chichester on 25 Apr 2016

1 Answer

Hi Vanessa, Is sounds like natura Gold Underlay will be perfect for your needs, good choice!

How do you fix real/solid wood flooring over your gold underlay which is required as a Dpm over concrete.

Asked by Josie tegg from Milton keynes on 20 Apr 2016

1 Answer

Hi Josie, Whilst this underlay has a DPM, it's not actually suitable for solid wood floors. For solid wood installation, please see our guide here:

I want 10mm of underlay to compensate for replacing a thicker floating timber floor with thinner floating engineered timber floor. Can the Gold Acoustic be laid twice to build up the layer?

Asked by Gordon Thompson from Manchester on 26 Mar 2016

1 Answer

Hi Gordon, We'd advise against that. Instead, your best bet would be to lay down a sheet of plyboard first, to make up for the height difference.

Hi, I need to use this acoustic underlay on a 27m2 area. How many rolls would I need please? How many meters on each roll? Thanks,

Asked by Tomi on 20 Mar 2016

1 Answer

Hi Tomi, Each roll covers 15m2, so you'll need 2 rolls to cover your floor.

Is it coverage area 15 m^2 with 200mm over lap? If I overlap gold foil vapour barrier with a 200mm than it means that I can't cover 15 m^2 just only 12 m^2 …? Why this Sonic Gold Underlay have very high price tag £51 per roll compared with other sellers selling the same Sonic Gold Underlay with a price about £30?

Asked by Tomas on 14 Mar 2016

1 Answer

Hi Tomas, Great question. The dimensions of 15m2 doesn't include the overlap - so it will cover 15ms plus the area covered by the overlap. There are several very similar products on the market, but ours features a 65kg/m3 high density foam core with high compressive and recovery strengths.

Hi, I'm relaying a solid oak floor over a very cold wood ground floor. Can I nail through this underlay into the subfloor? It doesn't need to be damp proof, just make the floor a bit less freezing. If not are there any other underlays that would work? Thanks, Gary.

Asked by Gary Williams on 09 Mar 2016

1 Answer

Hi Gary, For insulation, you’re best to use our Peel and Stick Underlay. The solid wood floor would be glued down, not nailed. Hope that helps. If you need any more information, be sure to call us on 0800 999 8100

Can this product be laid on a chipboard floor and topped with another piece of ply/chipboard to enable Karndean type flooring to be laid ontop?

Asked by Lindsay Smith from Brackley on 02 Mar 2016

1 Answer

Hi Lindsay, This is possible - the main thing is that the subfloor has to be dry, flat, stable even and load bearing. As long as the chipboard is all those things then you'll be fine.

What is the tog rating of this underlay please?

Asked by Mrs S Lord from Somerset on 22 Feb 2016

1 Answer

Hi there, The TOG rating for this underlay is 1.16. For more details, you can see the manufacturer's technical data sheet here:

Is the DPM enough for covering an old quarry tile floor. I want to lay floating engineered wood on top. Most of the subfloor is suspended timber, a couple of m2 is old quarry tiles. They have had carpet and underlay sat on top for ~30 years with no damp problems. Just wondering if I should get this product for the whole floor or buy a separate, more robust DPM just for the quarry tile bit of the floor.

Asked by hazel u on 19 Nov 2015

1 Answer

Hi Hazel, Don't worry, the Natura Gold is an incredible high quality underlay and in our opinion you shouldn't need an additional DPM - this product should be fine for everything you've described here.

Hello, can I use this for under bathroom and kitchen floor tiles?

Asked by Aya Kazem on 02 Nov 2015

1 Answer

Afternoon No at this product is design to be installed with a laminate or timber floor.

Can I use this on wooden floorboards when laying 18mm solid Oak boards on top.

Asked by rob from epsom on 05 Oct 2015

1 Answer

Solid wood flooring must be fixed to the subfloor. Nailing of a timber frame is perfect which means you cannot use any underlay at all. Here's our installation recommendations:

Hi, is the DPM quality of the foil fragile? One person said need to clean floor as can damage foil. With best will in the world the concrete floor will have imperfections. Can this product handle most imperfections? Or rather is it very fragile; or takes a bit of an effort to break the dpm seal? If in doubt I will buy and apply the liquid dpm but this would save me that job.

Asked by Steve Huane from London on 27 Apr 2015

1 Answer

Afternoon Steve No its not fragile but the subfloor does need to be clean (thoroughly swept) before installation. I would not have an issue installing this in my own home (which I have done) over a floating floor system.

Can this be used directly on floor boards?

Asked by J A on 15 Feb 2015

1 Answer

Afternoon JA Yes this product is suitable for installation directly over floorboards and offers excellent benefits for acoustic sound softning

Is this product suitable for use above a timber UFH system? Also, are you able to advise the thermal resistance or thermal conductivity of this product?

Asked by Stuart Senior on 04 Feb 2015

1 Answer

Good Afternoon Stuart Yes you can use this product with UFH system. However, due to the high density closed cell Polyethylene Foam (which is what this product is made from) it can insulate more than you'd like. Thermal Properties Thermal Conductivity (?) Tested at mean 10°C 0.048 W/mK Thermal Resistance (R – Value) 0.116 m2K/W TOG 1.16 The best alternative for UFH systems (but doesn't offer the same acustic properties is the natura bronze underlay: Thermal Conductivity (?) Tested at mean 10°C 0.045 W/mK Thermal Resistance (R – Value) 0.07 m2K/W TOG 0.7 All tested to BS 4745:2005

Can this underlay be used with laminate flooring or is overkill.

Asked by Jeannie Wharton from Skelmersdale on 24 Sep 2014

1 Answer

This underlay can be used with laminate or engineered wood flooring. Due to it's thickness and construction it offers great acoustic benefits and also evens slight imperfections in the floor.

Can I use this underlay for carpet as well?

Asked by Neil on 24 Sep 2014

1 Answer

With regards to this underlay it is used for engineered and laminate flooring, we would not recommend for carpet.

Excuse my ignorance but is above 1 tog better than below 1? I want the most insulating underlay I can get for under oak/above wooden joists ground floor Victorian house.

Asked by Peter Kelly on 16 Jun 2014

1 Answer

The higher the tog rating the more insulating the material is. So for insulating purposes the higher the tog the better. Hope this helps!!

How do you lay this product on a concrete floor? Can it be trimmed to size without damaging the product. HOw do you lay engineered wood over the top of it?

Asked by Jonathan from Norwich on 25 Mar 2014

1 Answer

All these types of underlays just sit on top of the subfloor (beit wood or concrete) with the gold side facing down. For the perfect installation tape the joints with a water proof tape (duct tape) Very simple to cut with a stanley knife or scissors. The engineered flooring sits on top, perpendicular to the direction of the underlay.

HI Does this help to offer a reduction in noise. I live in a flat. Thanks, Anne

Asked by anne from South London on 03 Feb 2014

2 Answers

The Natura Gold Underlay offers up to 22db sound reduction to the rooms below the rooms that the floor is fitted. Please see attached link for more specification details;
Hi, Can i further ask what does offers up to 22db reduction mean. How can i understand what this equals? Is this the same sound as someone talking or the TV or foot steps, can this number be translated into actual noise volume?

Is this underlay good for hardwood flooring being layed on concrete? as you have mentioned this product can be used for underfloor heating too which makes me think the insulation will not be that great for normal concrete floors? im looking for underlay with dpm and a high tog. what can you recommend?

Asked by shamaila from slough on 22 Jan 2014

1 Answer

Yes this is a perfect product for engineered wooden flooring over a concrete subfloor as it come with a DPM. If you are using under floor heating you should use a special under floor heating underlay with a low rating of 0.35 tog. The TOG rating for this product is: 1.06

Would this be the best product to use when laying a laminate floor over a cold but even suspended wood floor at ground floor level? Noise reduction is not a concern but heat is. Thank you

Asked by Suzanne from Somerset on 16 Jan 2014

1 Answer

In our opinion to provide thermal resistance when you are not using under floor heating systems, you need to be looking at underlay above 1.0 TOG. If you are using under floor heating you should use a special under floor heating underlay with a low rating of 0.35 tog. The TOG rating for this product is: 1.06

can it be used under floating engineered floor? Some people say it might be too bouncy because it is not made of rubber. Some people say it might cause creaking because it allows the movement between the planks. We have the engineered wood flooring which are 14mm thick. Thanks.

Asked by Arial from London on 08 Jan 2014

1 Answer

The Gold Underlay is specifically designed for engineered and laminate flooring so is ideal. It is a great underlay to use for upstairs with the acoustic reducing properties it has and also can be used on concrete floors as it has a Damp Proof Membrane built in.

Can you use this underlay with laminate flooring?

Asked by Clare from London on 26 Nov 2013

1 Answer

100% for sure and works perfectly.
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