If you're thinking of purchasing a laminate floor, you might already be aware that Quickstep is the biggest name in the industry. But whilst most people recognise the brand, few people really know why a Quickstep floor is such a big deal in the world of laminate flooring. To bring you up to speed, we'll condense the entire history of Quickstep's development into a few key events:

  • 1990: Quickstep flooring is born in Belgium. And so begins over 25 years of industry innovation.

  • 1997: Uniclic is introduced to the world, and goes on to become the basis of all modern locking mechanisms. Quickstep's patented design allows your floor boards to lock once they're pushed together.

  • 2001: Quickstep improves the visuals of their laminate floors by being the first to introduce bevelled edges. They also manage to create surface textures which align perfectly with the visual design of the board.

  • 2006: In another world first, Quickstep ups their accessory game by introducing Incizo - a 5 in 1 profile. This genius creation reduced the number of different accessories you need for your floor, so you can create smooth transitions between different flooring in your home.

  • 2013: Not content with simply dominating the laminate market, Quickstep Livyn, now Quickstep Alpha, their first range of Luxury Vinyl Tile floors is released, which soon prove to have worldwide popularity.

  • 2014: Quickstep Impressive - the most waterproof floor on the market - is released. It signals a new standard of bathroom flooring, thanks to a unique water-repellent ‘HydroSeal’ coating which gives it a special 10 year water warranty. It also features bevelled edges, Uniclic locking and a realistic surface texture, combining all of Quickstep's greatest innovations in one.