If you're anything like us, you're busy, and that means you often don't have time for those DIY tasks you've been meaning to get round to. But fear no more, because we'd like to introduce you to Karndean Looselay.

Whether you're looking after the kids, building your stamp collection or running the UK's Number 1 Online Flooring Company, we reckon you've still got time to install a new floor with Karndean Looselay. Here's how you install it:

You put it on the floor.

Okay, here's a more detailed version: in small rooms you won't need any glue at all, but often it's recommended you stick a bit of tackifier around the edges to keep them secured. Then you just slap your Karndean Looselay down and butt them up against each other. Easy, right?

Well, there's more good news: because the tiles aren't glued down, if you manage to damage one of the tough Luxury Vinyl Tiles, you can simply pull it up and replace it.

And it gets even better: you can potentially lay Karndean Looselay over existing hard floors - perfect for rented accommodation. At the end of your tenancy you can simply lift the tiles and carry them to your next home!

And even betterer: Karndean Looselay tiles are thick and sturdy which gives them great acoustic properties. That means that they absorb a lot of the sounds from above without having to use an acoustic underlay - great for playrooms or upstairs areas.

This is a floor we've always got time for!

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