If a floor could talk, over the years it would tell countless tales of real life - the drama and love, the fears and friendships. But for the beautiful oak boards that form Kahrs' Småland collection, the story begins much before the first plank is laid.

A historical province in southern Sweden, Småland is steeped in legend, from mythical forests that few dared to enter, to the 13 chieftains who ruled the area in the 12th century.

Much of its natural beauty has survived through the centuries: dramatic highlands, glittering lakes and endless forests. It's this rugged scenery which has inspired and attracted generations of world-class designers to the area, from furniture and glassware, to Kährs itself some 160 years ago.

The Småland collection brings all of these influences together in a range of unique oak boards which are synonymous with the story of the place, the people and the product itself - Swedish oak, harvested within a 160km radius of the factory in Nybro.

The collection reflects every colour in the landscape, from the pale mist on the lakes and the golden tones of honey, to the earthy darkness of the forest itself.

It's this depth of colour choices which gives the Småland collection the versatility to work with a range of interiors; blurring the boundary between indoors and outdoors in modern rustic, adding warmth to industrial and authenticity to on-trend Scandi.

Add to this the texture and character in every board, which itself reveals a story. Each plank has a unique composition of knots, cracks and graining which are accentuated using bespoke treatments such as brushing, hand-scraping, saw marking and river stoning.

This individual approach is at the heart of the collection. It's what creates a truly dynamic floor; ever evolving as you view its knots and textures from different angles, or as the changing light reveals hidden depths of colour.

A new chapter begins once laid in your home, as every step adds to the story that lives beneath your feet.