Kährs are continuing to innovate the vinyl flooring world with their new Kährs LT range - which now features a selection of patterned decors. Our Sales Advisor Clare has chosen these floors for her Staff Picks - and it's mainly the distinct patterned design that makes these floors unique.

Clare highlights the ‘embedded pattern’ on the tiles as a key feature, which gives the effect of a lightly stenciled concrete. This floor goes further than a standard vinyl, and adds another depth of interest, which gives a more authentic & stylish appearance. The pattern is blended throughout the floor, so it won't take over your whole room, but instead add to it.

Another key element for Clare is the fact that the surface is slip and scratch resistant and has a slightly embossed layer. This surface is easy to clean and maintain, and suitable for homes with children and pets - but you don't have to compromise on a realistic look and feel. And as it's a vinyl floor, it's waterproof.

If you're environmentally conscious, you can rest assured that this floor is made from a material free of toxins. Clare says this makes Kährs LT Floors a more environmentally friendly alternative to other vinyl floors.

High quality, realistic and hard-wearing, and currently down to only £14.99/m2. That's 61% off the RRP, making this floor both a style-conscious and cost-effective choice that has been expertly crafted to last a lifetime.

Shop the full Kährs LT Patterns range and don't forget to order your free samples. Want to make sure you choose the perfect floor? Give our Room Visualiser Tool to see how the floors look before you buy.


Kahrs LT Kings Peak