In our latest staff pick Danilo, one of our senior sales advisors, chose the beautiful Kährs Oak Domani Foschia Gra. Want to know why this floor is truly unique?

To Danilo, the brand ‘Kährs speaks for itself’ and as one of one of the oldest flooring companies in the world, Kährs were the pioneers into the world of engineered flooring back in 1857, and a lot of their floors are inspired by their history, roots and key locations. He loves their floors so much that he has Kährs flooring in his own lounge so you can trust his opinion on their quality.

So why this floor? What makes this one stand out from any other oak flooring? In his words the grain & texture of the product, feels out of this world. Foschia is a distressed floor, meaning the surface of the boards has been finished to give each and every board a unique texture and ensures that it's ‘lovely to walk on bare foot.’ The distressed nature of the floor also means it displays the real natural beauty of a wooden floor.

Another important aspect of the Foschia is its oiled finish of the floor. As with any oiled floor, we recommend applying a coat of oil once it's installed, just to make sure everywhere is even and ready to go. The oil soaks into the boards, helping to show off the natural grain of the floor. As Danilo points out the fact that you can maintain the floor yourself, and top up any light scratches or wear with some oil to help keep the floor looking brand new is another great feature of this flooring.

From the stained wood, to distressed finish, the Kährs Oak Foschia truly is a unique and beautiful floor. As if there aren't enough reasons why this would make a great floor in your home, it's currently on offer at a great price! If you want any last words, of advice, Danilo says ‘You will not be disappointed’.