There's just something about parquet floors. They're such an iconic, classically classy style of flooring. Traditionally, parquet is made from lots of very small planks - or blocks - of wood which interlock into a beautiful geometrical pattern. And they look stunning. That's why we're so excited to tell you about a stunning new addition to our parquet range: Kahr's Chevron Flooring Collection.

Just to explain, chevron parquet is a particular kind of design which looks very similar to herringbone, (where the blocks are laid at a 90 degree angle to each other, making zig-zag lines across the floor) but rather than the panels overlapping, they're cut diagonally so they butt up against each other.

Kahrs have taken chevron parquet flooring to another level by creating "ready-made" boards which each hold around 19 panels. Rather than installing each individual block like you would with a regular chevron parquet, you can just glue down this floor whole section of panels at a time. This makes the installation process so much quicker, and so much easier.

What's more, each Kahrs chevron board is made from engineered wood, which means they can be laid in areas where solid wood isn't suitable - including basements and conservatories. In fact, this parquet floor can even be laid over underfloor heating without any problems (we put a guide together about that).

So, as you can tell, we're pretty excited about Kährs Chevron Parquet flooring. They're perfect for a showcase floor, and come in four perfectly balanced colours.