Herringbone floors have been popular since the 17th century, and they're making a comeback in the world of modern interior design.

The iconic distinct pattern becomes the focal point of any room, and the flooring world has innovated this classic design to be available in an array of floor types and styles.

Traditional herringbone parquet floors are made from a single solid piece of wood, which you sand down and refinish once fully installed. Now, you can get herringbone floors in laminate, vinyl and engineered wood, as well as the timeless classic solid wood parquet.

Not only is there a floor type suitable for every room in the house, there's also a huge range of styles and designs to choose from. And it isn't just wood effect these days - you can get realistic stone effect herringbone floors.

If you're a fan of the classic herringbone solid blocks, but you want something that's easier to install yourself. You get the stunning real wood surface, but with locking-system boards, that click together to make installation perfect for any competent DIYer.

And if you want your parquet done traditionally, you stick each block down, sand them down to be level, and finish with an oil/lacquer of your choice.

Herringbone floors come in endless styles, but they all have the same iconic pattern that brings any and every room to life. The added dimension can brighten and open up any room in your house. Want to see what a herringbone floor would look like in your home? Try our Room Visualiser Tool and see for yourself!