Nätura Natural Carpets

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Nätura, the carpet side of Flooring Supplies.

Nätura is our very own brand of carpets, so you can be sure that we supply only the best natural flooring of the highest quality. Our natural carpet is admired for its unique combination of textured designs and natural hues, creating a distinctive ambience for any room. Available from as low as £6.99m2 and in a range of widths, we’ll guide you through the entire process and ensure a perfect fit.

Why Choose a Nätura Carpet?

  • High quality carpets
  • Natural products
  • Wide variety of textures and feels
  • Low cost
  • Reliable

Nätura Carpets and FlooringSupplies.co.uk

Nätura is the name we give to our very own range of carpets, so we can safely say that we’re very, very proud of them. If we’re confident in putting our name to it, then you can be sure of a fine quality and reliable carpet that’s sure to add an element of depth and warmth to any room. What you can expect when you purchase a Nätura carpet:

  • Fully trained sales staff available for support, technical and installation assistance.
  • Sample service
  • Our very own warehouse has a minimum of 85% of our ranges in stock at all times
  • Internal quality control system

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