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Innately ecological

Kaindl’s incredible synchronisation technology will impress even the keenest of eyes.

Kaindl have a bold approach to flooring. Their aim; to redefine a room with their laminate floors. They focus on the marriage between nature and technology into a single unit, resulting in a floor with the sensual appeal of real wood, yet the technical subtleties of a multi-layered construction.

True innovators in their field, their Kaindl Natural Touch range uses sophisticated synchronisation technology to match the structure of a surface to the décor image, meaning that each product will feel how you’d expect it to; like real wood.

Flooring Supplies are proud to supply Kaindl products that are renowned for their quality, durability and authentic touch.

Why Choose a Kaindl laminate Floor?

  • Strong focus on aesthetic value
  • Combination of nature and technology
  • Tactile laminate
  • Looks and feels just like wood
  • Highly durable

Kaindl and FlooringSupplies.co.uk

We’re frequently impressed by how much Kaindl strive to push the boundaries of their products and reinvent the world of laminate. It’s an admirable quality, and results in an end product that we’re incredibly proud to stock. Our range includes:

Useful information for Kaindl flooring products

  • Installation guide
  • Kaindl website (new window)

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