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Environmentally Friendly Flooring

With customers across 4 continents, Barlinek are spreading their eco-friendly flooring far and wide.

Barlinek pride themselves on being one of the most up to date and environmentally friendly wood floor manufacturers in Poland. They do their best to use every piece of the tree during the manufacturing process, even employing the bark as decorative elements or in the production of biomass.

Their factory is capable of producing 11.5 million metres of flooring per year, and with increased demand that impressive number is set to rise even further.

Barlinek and FlooringSupplies endeavour to make the entire experience of purchasing a new floor as easy as possible. To that end, Barlinek’s recent introduction of the 5GS joint makes laying an engineered wooden floor 25% faster and eliminates the need for any special tools.

Why Choose a Barlinek Engineered Floor?

  • Eco-friendly
  • 5GS joint makes laying the floor 25% faster
  • Resistant to humidity and temperature changes
  • Compatible with under floor heating

Barlinek and

Flooring Supplies are the biggest supplier of Barlinek engineered floors in the United Kingdom, and there are loads of reason why we’re proud to stock their Oak and Ash engineered floors, including:

  • Strong focus on the environment
  • 11.5 million metres of flooring produced per year
  • Constantly innovating
  • Easy and fast to lay
  • Beautiful finish

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