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Alternative Flooring Natural Carpets

Innovative. Creative. Natural. Fun.

Innovative. Creative. Natural. Fun. What more could you want from your carpet?

Here at FlooringSupplies, we’re big fans of the folks over at Alternative Flooring. Their ethos and ideas strongly focus on standing out and being “a beacon of creativity and interest”. A lot like us really.

They provide an interesting mix of new and inspiring designs, striving to stay ahead of the curve whilst maintaining the natural classics. They understand that a new floor is an investment and so only offer the best, award-winning carpets constructed from the finest natural fibres. It’s good for you and it’s good for the environment, so what’s not to love?

We may not list them on the website, but we have access to their whole range, so give us a call on 0800 999 8100 and we'll happily help you out.

Why Choose an Alternative Flooring Carpet?

  • Strong focus on standing out
  • Eye catching designs
  • On trend and classical carpets available
  • Natural fibres
  • Environmentally friendly

Alternative Flooring and

We at Flooring Supplies are really happy to stock carpets from Alternative Flooring. They’re a little bit different and forward thinking and they make sure to keep a firm appreciation for tradition in all that they do. Call us today on 0800 999 8100 to find out which floor works best for you.

  • A full range of Alternative Flooring Carpets at the best prices available
  • Free delivery on orders over £199
  • Our fast, efficient and friendly customer service

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