Some people may feel unsure about the rich jewel blue colour and how to incorporate it into their homes. Some may think the deep blue would make rooms feel dark, poky and old fashioned.

But the blue brings out the beauty of natural floors, and rather than feeling tiny and cramped it helps rooms feel cosy, snug and inviting. If you're worried about jumping in the deep end and painting your walls blue, you can add more blues with velvet cushions and heavy cotton curtains. The effect will be a restful nest, perfect for peaceful evenings.

Pantone's 2020 colour of the year, classic blue - which sits between royal and navy blue can easily add life into your home. Simply add a casual pop of colour with a cushion or a throw, a fresh set of bathroom towels or a rug. Try a deep blue rug on a floor such as the warm-toned Karndean Korlok Baltic Limed Oak, which mimics a warm oak real wood floor - beautiful.

Likened to the colour of the sky at dusk, with its echoes of a day enjoyed and the promise of a good evening to come, this positive and natural-world-inspired classic blue is grounding, comforting and relatable.

Popular in fashion for many years and as a classy and elegant colour at weddings for everything from bridesmaid dresses and men's cravats to decorations, our love affair with this enduring blue is set to escalate over the coming months now Pantone has chosen it as the colour of 2020.

For those of us who have embraced various shades of grey on our walls, cupboards, bathroom cabinets and soft furnishings over recent years, Pantone's classic blue works easily with most of what we have already.

Adding a single classic blue wall to grey-hued rooms brings an added spark of interest to lift the spirit and the shade will enhance the natural feel of darker rustic wooden floors where the oiled finish brings out the character of the grain.

The tranquil and restful feel to classic blue is ideal paired with wooden and wood-effect floors, whether aiming for a timeless feel or a more modern, confident look. Add decorative mirrors, sparkling antique chandeliers and ornate curtains with tiebacks for a classic style. Keep it contemporary with clear lines and an emphasis on space rather than decorative items.

Enjoy the blue trend by pairing a large blue sofa or armchair with the European Solid Oak Rustic Parquet Invisible Oiled Flooring – a superlight shade of parquet bringing a fresh elegance to the home.

Or we can bring in the blue with a fresh bedding set or blue curtains, neutral walls, a natural oak floor such as the tough laminate Quickstep Impressive Classic Oak Natural and a small collection of blue glassware on a mantelpiece, shelf or side table.

Look for vintage and history-influenced pieces to link to days gone by and add depth to displays. Classic blue has been popular for centuries, from ancient Egyptian jewellery and glazes, stained glass in the Middle Ages and fine blue and while porcelain in China to the rich blues beloved of French impressionist artists. Associated with art, the military, royalty and nature, it's fun to choose a theme for blue accessories, be it animal figurines, goblets or the intense blue of Lapis Lazuli rocks.

Don't forget the kitchen and bathroom when it comes to incorporating classic blue either. Smart soap bottles, towels and bowls will instantly spice up the bathroom, pair with Polyflor Camaro Loc Rich Valley Oak for a charming yet classy look.

Kitchen cabinets are sublimely elegant in blue, but, rather like gloss black, beware of high gloss deep blue, which will show almost every fingerprint! Look to matt finishes in sapphire, navy and heady royal blue on cabinets for a statement kitchen, whether using for the entire range or as an accentuated island. The formal feel will work with deep wood finishes such as the rich Kronospan Vario Plus Kolberg Oak, add neutral walls for a timeless look or bright white, yellows, reds and oranges for a flavour of the Mediterranean.

The joy of the easygoing classic blue is that mixing and matching is easy. Less harsh than black but just as notable and with an enviable longevity in the style world, it goes beautifully with other blues from baby and sky to turquoise and teal. It's an ideal foundation colour to pair with warm grey and light peach quartz or to contrast with neutrals including white, coffee and ivory.

For those embracing the more is more trend, use the confident classic blue to create a base drama and play around with different textures and materials of that same shade, bringing on a supporting cast of primary reds and yellows in a tumble of textures and styles.

That's blue walls and an eclectic mix of vases, brightly framed photos, ornaments, plant pots and vases to bring vibrant pops of colour, or neutral décor and fun accessories in blue, ochre and crimson. A statement Parquet floor brings cohesion to the paint palette effect and ties it all together.

The joy of this new Pantone colour of the year is that such a classic shade lends itself to whatever style you enjoy, from nautical or traditional to English country garden, sleek and contemporary, bohomian, art deco, shabby chic, urban, Victorian or minimalist.

Even better, they all work perfectly with a wooden or wood effect floor.


Polyflor Camaro Loc Rich Valley Oak