Laminate Trims & Profiles

Trims cover the transition between different kinds of floors. These can cater for gaps between floors and changes in height. We recommend installing trims with PinkGrip Adhesive .

Incizo 5-in-1 Profile

The Incizo 5 in 1 profile is available for both Quickstep and Pergo laminate floors. This clever contraption can be applied in 5 different situations. It can bridge 2 floors of the same height, bridge 2 floors of different heights, transition into carpet, cover the edges of the floor and it can even be fitted on stair nosing.

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Carpet and Tile Trim

These versatile trims are designed to joint two floors which sit at different heights. This can be tiles, carpet or just thinner floors.

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Pipe Covers

Made to match your chosen floor, pipe covers come in two halves and fit around your pipes. The idea is to cover the expansion gap required. We recommend that you glue the two halves together around the pipe, leaving the cover loose on the floor.

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