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If you’re installing your floor yourself you will need the right gear. We supply a whole range of installation kits as well as a few handy gizmos which let you reach your full DIY potential! We’ve got knives for cutting, clips for securing and spreaders for gluing. Whatever it is you need to do, we’ve got the solution for all your needs.

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Nothing beats the look of a newly-laid floor, and we think it’s important to give your flooring all the TLC it needs. So, naturally, we’ve found the most effective aftercare products in the industry, balancing effectiveness with affordability.

For day-to-day care, we’ve carefully selected cleaning products for any situation, so you can keep your floor looking as fresh as the day you bought it.

Meanwhile, in the unlikely event you’ve managed to scratch your floor you may well be able to repair the damage, so we offer a range of repair kits for you to choose from.

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