Laminate Room Suitability

Living Spaces

Living rooms have a stable temperature, low moisture levels and low footfall, all of which are ideal for a laminate floor.


Laminate is ideal for the kitchen. It’s tough enough to resist flying cutlery and can withstand the odd splash (though it’s best to mop it up soon after).


The Quickstep Impressive range is perfect for the bathroom – completely waterproof with a detailed, textured finish. You can splash to your heart’s content and still enjoy a floor which looks and feels like real wood.


We all know how much the temperature in the conservatory can change, but laminate floors have a high level of resistance to changes in temperature so are an excellent choice.

Underfloor heating

Laminate works well with almost all underfloor heating systems. Our recommendation would be to use one of the thinner underlays which will still protect the flooring but not block too much of the heat.


Down to the clever construction of the boards you can lay laminate floors in basements.


Laminate floors are stable and grippy enough to avoid any potential accidents so perfect for stairs.

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