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How to fit a carpet

Technique For Installation Of Natural Floor Coverings

(As approved by Mike Whale Master Fitter and Natural Flooring fitter of the year) This document sets out the recommended fitting technique for natural floor coverings supplied by The Alternative Flooring Company. If this method is not carried out as specified no claims for shrinkage, bubbling etc. will be entertained. Please also pay attention to the suitability of each of the floor coverings, as no claims will be accepted if the flooring is fitted in an unsuitable location.

Pre-Installation Process

Before you start fitting please ensure:-

  • The sub floor is dry, level, sound and dust free and prepared to British standards. (BS5325: 1996)
  • The floor covering is checked to ensure that it is the correct material, the right size and there are no visible defects. Irregularities in the weave, colour variations, slubs, tufts and knots are part of the natural charm of the product and as such are not manufacturing defects or valid cause for complaint. Check the flooring is acceptable before cutting. Remember, once the floor covering has been cut by yourselves, you have agreed that the floor covering is acceptable. Please refer to our terms and conditions.
  • The flooring is acclimatised in the area it is to be laid for at least 48hrs. The flooring must be unwrapped and loosely rolled to allow air to circulate around the flooring for at least 48hrs in the same area that it is to be laid.
  • There are no other sources of excessive moisture in the area the floor covering is to be laid e.g. damp walls.

Installation Process

The Alternative Flooring Company only recommends the following “Double Stick” system for the installation of their natural floor coverings.

  • Fix short pin or blind (no pins) gripper around the perimeter of the room. Allow a gully between the gripper and the wall/skirting to allow for bolstering later.
  • Apply tackifier (e.g. F Ball F40) to the floor with a roller or trowel as per the manufacturers instructions. When the tackifier has dried lay the underlay into the tackifier and tape up the joints in the underlay with single sided tape. Recommended underlays are Tredaire Contract or Duralay’s Durafit laid mesh side up.
  • (2a.) Alternatively if the floor is boarded it may require preparing with plywood and the underlay can be fixed with 75mm band of permanent adhesive around the perimeter then fully stapled at 150-220mm centres and joints taped with single sided tape.
  • Roll out the floor covering over the underlay and rough-cut allowing at least 6cm oversize all round. (Please note the floor covering must have been acclimatised in the area it is to be laid for at least 48hrs. This can be done at this stage or prior to commencing the installation, but it must be carried out before the next stage)
  • Fold back the floor covering by 50% of its area and using a 2mm X 6mm V notch trowel (3mm X 6mm for coir) apply the permanent adhesive to the underlay (e.g. F Ball F3). Take care to allow the trowel to glide over the underlay, as too much downward pressure on to the trowel will reduce the effectiveness of the notch size to apply the correct quantity of adhesive. (Always follow the manufacturers instructions).
  • Now lay the floor covering back into the adhesive. Then fold back the other half and repeat step 5.
  • Use a 15kg glider over the entire floor area to ensure adequate transfer of adhesive to the back of the floor covering.
  • When the adhesive has “grabbed” the floor covering, trim off the excess around the perimeter with a straight blade or scissors and bolster down into the gully left by the gripper.
  • For extra security the floor covering can be stapled on to the gripper using an electric stapler e.g. Maestri.
  • Any exposed edges at doorways etc. must be protected with either metal door bars or wooden threshold trips.

Installation On Stairs

Please refer to product suitability to check that it is recommended for use on stairs. The Alternative Flooring Company will not entertain any complaints for floor coverings fitted on stairs that we have not recommended for this purpose.

  • Blank or short-pinned gripper is fitted to the tread and riser at the crotch of the stair. The gripper should leave a space approx. 11/2 times the thickness of the floor covering being installed to allow the floor covering to be bolstered in later.
  • A suitable underlay e.g. Tredaire Contract, is laid from the gripper on the tread, over the nosing of the stair and down to the gripper on the riser, please refer to the diagram. The underlay should be stuck using a permanent adhesive e.g. F Ball F3 or alternatively can be fixed by stapling at the back of the step, along the front of the step and over the riser.
  • Using a permanent adhesive (e.g. F Ball F3) the floor covering is fixed to the underlay on the tread and bolstered tightly into the gap between the gripper into the crotch of the stairs.
  • If required, the floor covering can be stapled under the nose using an electric stapler (e.g. Maestri) and also for added security can be stapled onto the grippers.

In areas of heavy use or contract situations The Alternative Flooring Company recommend the use of stair nosings. In keeping with our policy of constant improvement, this information may be updated without notice. Further information concerning the installation of our natural floor coverings can be obtained from The Alternative Flooring Company Ltd on 01264 335111

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