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Kahrs Solid Wood Threshold Trim

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Kahrs Solid Wood threshold trim is to be used where a wooden floor meets a floor of the supportable same or similar height, e.g. wood or tiles. We recommend that Kahrs solid threshold product be installed with Pinkgrip Wood Adhesive or with the track supplied.


Product Code: 7029024AK50
Product Code: 7029024AK1V
Product Code: 7029024AKW1
Product Code: 7029024AP50
Product Code: 7029024BK50
Product Code: 7029024CH50
Product Code: 7029024EK50
Product Code: 7029024EKF0
Product Code: 7029024EK10
Product Code: 7029024EK5X
Product Code: 7029024EK0W
Product Code: 7029024EK5B
Product Code: 7029024EK5E
Product Code: 7029024EK5G
Product Code: 7029024EK5V
Product Code: 7029024EKA0
Product Code: 7029024EKBR
Product Code: 7029024EKFC
Product Code: 7029024EKFE
Product Code: 7029024EKFG
Product Code: 7029024EKFS
Product Code: 7029024EKXC
Product Code: 7029024EKFV
Product Code: 7029024REK09
Product Code: 7029024REK09
Product Code: 7029024EKOL
Product Code: 7029024EKPI
Product Code: 7029024EKST
Product Code: 7029024EKXB
Product Code: 7029024EKXH
Product Code: 7029024EKXV
Product Code: 7029024JH50
Product Code: 7029024VA50
Product Code: 7029024EKA8
Product Code: 7029024EKC8
Product Code: 7029024EKD8
Product Code: 7029024EKG8
Product Code: 7029024EKP8
Product Code: 7029024EKS8
Product Code: 7029024EKW8
Product Code: 7029024EKY8
Product Code: 7029024AK10
Product Code: 7029024BK10
Product Code: 7029024EK1L
Product Code: 7029024EKGG
Product Code: 7029024EKGU
Product Code: 7029024EKTA
Product Code: 7029024EKVV
Product Code: 7029024EKWG
Product Code: 7029024EKXF
Product Code: 7029024EL50
Product Code: 7029024EKTW
Product Code: 7029024EKGA
Product Code: 7029024EKRI
Product Code: 7029024EKBL
Product Code: 7029024EKHA
Product Code: 7029024EKTV
Product Code: 7029024EKFI
Product Code: 7029024EKKI
Product Code: 7029024EKAS
Product Code: 7029024EKSE
Product Code: 7029024EKYD
Product Code: 7029024EKMO
Product Code: 7029024EKVS
Product Code: 7029024EKVE
Product Code: 7029024AKAI
Product Code: 7029024EKSK
Product Code: 7029024EKCA
Product Code: 7029024EKHO
Product Code: 7029024EKSH
For Use With: Realwood
Weight: 0.35kg
Dimensions: 21mm (t) x 58mm (w) x 2400mm (l)
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Pack Size: 2.4m
GTIN: 7393969215992
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GTIN: 7393969216012
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GTIN: 7393969235273
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GTIN: 7393969216098
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GTIN: 7393969216029
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GTIN: 7393969216050
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GTIN: 7393969216289
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GTIN: 7393969219334
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GTIN: 7393969216197
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GTIN: 7393969233965
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GTIN: 7393969229333
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GTIN: 7393969216302
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GTIN: 7393969216234
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GTIN: 7393969216296
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GTIN: 7393969216272
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GTIN: 7393969219228
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GTIN: 7393969216180
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GTIN: 7393969233293
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GTIN: 7393969219235
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GTIN: 7393969219242
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GTIN: 7393969233354
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GTIN: 7393969233385
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GTIN: 7393969219259
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GTIN: 7393969234016
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GTIN: 7393969234016
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GTIN: 7393969235884
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GTIN: 7393969235020
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GTIN: 7393969235945
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GTIN: 7393969233378
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GTIN: 7393969216104
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GTIN: 7393969216357
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GTIN: 7393969235754
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GTIN: 7393969235730
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GTIN: 7393969216005
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GTIN: 7393969216036
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GTIN: 7393969236782
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GTIN: 7393969236805
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GTIN: 7393969236812
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GTIN: 7393969236225
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GTIN: 7393969237529
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Ratings & Reviews

4 Reviews of Kahrs Solid Wood Threshold Trim

5 Stars

Oak carpet capping

Fabulous looking product which enhances the room. Super fast, well packaged delivery. Very pleased with whole transaction, many thanks.

By Nigel Grist from Brackley on 30 May 2015

4 Stars

top threshold bar

very good quality, a bit expensive when ordered on its own but decent quality.

By Horun Meah from London on 08 Sep 2014

5 Stars


Just the job

By DAVID WILKINSON from Newbury on 16 Nov 2013

Questions & Answers

I have recently purchased Barlinek Sense Oak Still flooring from you, I am looking for the best colour match to this flooring, can you advice me?

Asked by Juliette Cole from Rotherham on 21 Aug 2019

1 Answer

Hi Juliette We would recommend the Kahrs Solid Wood Threshold Trim in Oak Sandy White -

Hi, would this trim be suitable between solid wood and carpet? Does it clip and stay in place?

Asked by Olivier Hess on 11 Apr 2018

1 Answer

Hi Olivier, whilst this can be attached securely to the floor, we'd recommend using a reducer trim as there is likely a height difference between your floor and a carpet.

Hi, Which Kahrs Solid Wood Threshold Trim colour would best suit Golden Select Nottingham shade please? Many thanks

Asked by Stan Jones from Manchester on 24 Mar 2018

1 Answer

Hi Stan, this isn't a floor we supply so I'm afraid we won't be able to find a colour match for that floor - you're best off looking on the website the floor came from.

Hi, is the metal track displayed on the picture included in the price? Thanks HB

Asked by Hugo Boucher on 24 Aug 2017

1 Answer

Hi Hugo, yes it is.

Hi there. Could I just check how wide the down piece is on this product and also how wide the metal track is? We might need to put a bolt down through it to secure a door and wanted to check how wide the centre section would be thank you matt

Asked by Matthew Davies from Epsom on 09 Aug 2017

1 Answer

Hi Matthew, the base is 15mm on this, or 16,25 with the metal track.

Can you recommend a colour match threhold trim for a light grey oak flooring?

Asked by Mayur Patel on 11 May 2017

1 Answer

Hi Mayur, the best thing to do is find a floor on our website which looks the most similar to yours. Then from there we can hopefully recommend a matching trim.

I have a Grey Oak Flooring, what threshold colour match my flooring?

Asked by Mayur on 08 May 2017

1 Answer

I'm afraid this is hard to say as Grey Oak floors can come in so many shades. Do you know exactly which make of floor you have? If not, please call our team for more advice.

Thankyou for the reply, and, further to my last question, the mahogany timber I have is not a manufactured flooring, but boards direct from a timber merchant. The mahogany type is Utile, a reddish brown. Would you be able to suggest what trim might be compatible? Many thanks.

Asked by Bill Jenkins on 28 Apr 2017

1 Answer

Hi Bill, I'm afraid it's impossible to recommend a suitable match as that's not a floor we're familiar with, and there can be a fair amount of colour variation within mahogany floors. If you're unable to find a matching trim from our selection here: we'd recommend using a deliberately contrasting trim for a bold visual look.

What is the height of the trim that inserts into the track? My floor is 14mm high is this trim too big or will it fit into that space?

Asked by Helen Parsons on 27 Apr 2017

1 Answer

Hi Helen, The height is around 15mm

I require a threshold trim for use with a mahogany real wood flooring. What type / colour would you suggest? Cheers, Bill J

Asked by Bill Jenkins on 21 Apr 2017

1 Answer

Hi Bill, mahogany can be a number of different shades. If you know exactly what make of floor you have, please give us a call and we'll do our best to try and find a match.

I have some Natura Oak Kerry Engineered Wood Flooring - I need a threshold trim with a track, which colour would best match?

Asked by Patrick Littlewood from London on 13 Feb 2017

1 Answer

Hi Patrick, We'd recommend the solid oak trim which you can find here:

I recently purchased Natura by Kahrs New Oak Bath Engineered Wood Flooring. Which finish is the closest match to this please?

Asked by Charlie on 12 Feb 2017

1 Answer

Hi Charlie, We recommend the Oak Sandy White

Hi, I am looking a product like this but 3.6 Metres in length. Are longer ones available? Thank You.

Asked by Mike Edwards on 10 Nov 2016

1 Answer

Hi Mike, I'm afraid this is the longest length available for this product.

Is it possible to get a sample of this? Thanks

Asked by Carly Marr on 02 Nov 2016

1 Answer

Hi Carly, Unfortunately we're not able to offer sample of any accessories

Hi I recently purchased Kahrs Oak Arctic engineered flooring from you and was wondering which of these Trims would be the closest match to this flooring? Thanks.

Asked by Jasdev Dosanjh from London on 18 May 2016

1 Answer

Hi Jasdev, We'd recommend the Oak Snow/Limestone colour for this floor.
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