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Kitchen Flooring

There are a wide range of kitchen flooring options available that are low maintenance and suitable for this sort of environment. If you’ve come here looking for kitchen flooring advice, you’ve come to the right place!

Contemporary kitchen flooring comes in all forms. When choosing kitchen flooring, it’s important to know roughly what you’re looking for in advance. Hardwearing kitchen flooring and waterproof kitchen flooring are givens. Choosing a kitchen flooring design is the key!

Below are different kitchen flooring types and ideas that can be used to create stunning finishes.

LAMINATE - kitchen laminate flooring shouldn’t be dismissed as manufacturers produce laminates designed to look exactly like kitchen flooring tiles. One of the layers that comprise a laminate floor is a water resistant core that withstands water for short periods of time. Quickstep produce a laminate kitchen flooring range called Exquisa, which offers eight stylish looking tiles with a textured surface.
Kitchen with laminate flooring                                     Kitchen with real wood flooring

REALWOOD & SOLID - can be fitted in kitchens as they have a water resistant surface finish. It’s luxury kitchen flooring at its finest, but doesn’t have to cost the world.

Oak flooring in kitchens offers that country kitchen floor finish that looks great with any type of white goods and units. Not only does it look good, it gives that warm kitchen flooring finish. The best kitchen flooring offers style and comfort, and that’s exactly what this does.

When weighing up your kitchen flooring choices, don’t disregard engineered wood flooring for kitchens as it offers a more affordable variation of a stunning kitchen flooring material.

Modern kitchen flooring trends come and go. Things like white kitchen flooring, slate kitchen flooring, carpet or black kitchen flooring, for example, dip in and out of fashion. However, wooden kitchen flooring retains its charm whatever the decade – or century even.

Only lacquered floors are recommended in a kitchen as it offers better protection against moisture than oiled floors and, as such, we don’t recommend oiled floors to be laid in kitchens. One thing to remember with these floors is that they cannot be mopped, or have water sat on the surface for long periods. Splashes from washing up and the like are acceptable, just wipe them up as soon as you see them.

VINYL - has long been an alternative kitchen flooring idea as it replicates tiles yet needs little maintenance. Amtico, Karndean and Polyflor boast a huge selection of vinyl tiles and planks that mimic natural stone, ceramic and wooden floors. These are water resistant and will withstand being mopped or cleaned each day. Vinyl flooring for a kitchen is very easy to maintain, and all are non slip kitchen flooring as standard.

Kitchen flooring vinyl by Karndean                              Polyflor kitchen flooring

Another feature about kitchen flooring options are the additional design options that can be used to create unique kitchen vinyl flooring. You could add grout lines, or maybe a border round the edge of the floor. You can easily mix and match any kitchen floor tiles to produce a one off stunning floor.

Kitchen flooring stone effect vinyl by Karndean            Kitchen flooring wood effect vinyl by Karndean

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